[09:49] -- conciseTactician [CT] began pestering abyssalArrow [AA] at 21:49 --

[09:52] AA: Hi.

[09:53] CT: Ug. WONDERFULLY BLAND. As expected from your UNCREATIVE species.

[09:53] AA: Will that be all?

[09:53] CT: Here I thought this would be INTERESTING.

[09:53] CT: So fer, you DISSIPOINT.

[09:54] AA: Fer?

[09:54] CT: Ah, SLIP of the FINGER

[09:55] AA: Are you another troll?

[09:55] CT: Are you the HUMAN they've been pratteling about?

[09:55] CT: Perhaps not been to you, but WILL BE.

[09:56] AA: Can you rephrase that?

[09:57] CT: Why BOTHER? It WILL BE misinterpreted again, or perhaps too complex for the TINY BRAIN I've been told to expect.

[09:58] AA: What do you want?

[09:58] CT: Well, it seems I have NOTHING BETTER to do, and I am the MOST INTELLEGENT of the Trolls, so I offer insight.

[09:58] CT: I can SEE you, human.

[09:58] CT: You and YOUR SQUISHY corpse.

[09:58] AA: It is quite squishy.

[09:59] AA: But soon it will be plushy.

[09:59] CT: Barely suitible for BATTLE.

[09:59] AA: It is dead.

[09:59] AA: How can a dead thing be suitable for... "BATTLE"?

[09:59] CT: Do you not understand YET?

[10:00] CT: Disregaurd that statement, this you is less knowledgible than I predicted.

[10:00] AA: I'm sorry?

[10:00] CT: As I said, I can SEE you.

[10:00] CT: All yous.

[10:01] CT: Baby you is rather obnoxious, if I may say.

[10:01] AA: Yes, I suppose I was.

[10:01] AA: I'm still unsure of what you want.

[10:02] CT: My purpose here is a simple one, THE OTHERS seem to... favor you. ONE IN PARTICULAR. I wish to see what the HUBUB is about.

[10:02] AA: Which one is that?

[10:02] CT: So far I remain UNIMPRESSED.

[10:03] CT: Please, as if you DON'T KNOW.

[10:03] AA: I'm sure you do.

[10:03] CT: Wait... Perhaps you DON'T...

[10:03] CT: Which of US have you CONTACTED?

[10:04] AA: None of you, you all bother me.

[10:05] CT: Oh, WHICHEVER. And do not worry, they have A SIMILAR EFFECT upon myself.

[10:05] AA: I'm sure.

[10:05] AA: Well, this cat is smelling worse and worse by the minute, I must get to work.

[10:05] AA: Goodbye.

[10:05] CT: Hmph.

[10:05] -- abyssalArrow [AA] ceased pestering conciseTactician [CT] at 22:05 --

[10:05] -- conciseTactician [CT] began pestering abyssalArrow [AA] at 22:05 --

[10:05] CT: I don't remeber giving you permission to leave.

[10:06] AA: Oh dear.

[10:06] CT: I will let this slide... ONCE.

[10:06] CT: Goodbye human, ENJOY your FUN WITH BODIES.

[10:06] AA: I will.

[10:06] -- abyssalArrow [AA] ceased pestering conciseTactician [CT] at 22:06 --