[08:45] -- graciousTerminator [GT] began pestering abyssalArrow [AA] at 20:45 --

[08:45] GT: {Tell me}

[08:45] GT: {Do humans have war like we do}

[08:45] AA: How are your wars?

[08:46] GT: {Pointless}

[08:46] GT: {Just killing over things that no one cares about but are too lazy to change}

[08:46] AA: Then yes, we do have war like that.

[08:47] AA: That's why I live out here.

[08:47] GT: {Sounds like me but}

[08:47] GT: {I live far enough away to escape it}

[08:47] GT: {But just throw myself back in again}

[08:48] AA: Perhaps you should reside in the forest.

[08:49] GT: {Ha}

[08:49] GT: {Is that some human guarantee of safety?}

[08:50] AA: Only if you can kill beasts.

[08:50] AA: Before they kill you, that is.

[08:50] GT: {Fair enough}

[08:50] GT: {I wonder what your earth beasts are like}

[08:52] AA: I avoid the larger ones.

[08:52] GT: {Fair enough}

[08:52] GT: {I'm sorry about this whole anecdote}

[08:52] AA: Not because I can't handle them, but rather because they're hard to taxidermize.

[08:52] GT: {To be honest I didn't really know what to talk about}

[08:53] GT: {I see}

[08:53] GT: {So you're a strong human then? That's cool}

[08:53] GT: {I guess your customs provide that I should give you my name}

[08:53] AA: I am. Most beasts are loathe to have met me.

[08:54] GT: {I'm Kikate}

[08:54] AA: Interesting. I'm Kate.

[08:55] GT: {Kate }

[08:55] GT: {Sorry I'm scrolling through this website}

[08:55] GT: {So that makes you...}

[08:55] GT: {A human female?}

[08:56] AA: Yes... Who are you exactly?

[08:56] GT: {Oh}

[08:56] GT: {Well um}

[08:57] GT: {I'm a troll}

[08:57] GT: {From the past...}

[08:57] GT: {We created your planet and stuff}

[08:57] AA: Right.

[08:58] GT: {I'm sure I sound really fake right now}

[08:58] GT: {But I mean}

[08:58] GT: {It's true so}

[08:58] GT: {Yeah}

[08:58] AA: Hm. Perhaps.

[09:00] AA: I suppose I will humor you for the moment.

[09:01] GT: {Same old}

[09:01] GT: {You haven't changed}

[09:01] GT: {Or}

[09:01] GT: {You didn't change?}

[09:01] AA: Excuse me?

[09:01] GT: {Sorry}

[09:01] GT: {Just going off there}

[09:02] GT: {I could eXplain but you wouldn't believe it I don't think}

[09:02] GT: {Skepticism is a natural quality in trolls and humans alike, I believe}

[09:02] AA: Skepicism keeps us grounded.

[09:03] AA: In reality, that is.

[09:03] AA: It defends us from plaguing silliness.

[09:03] AA: Like religion.

[09:03] GT: {Religion?}

[09:04] AA: Do... "trolls" not have religion?

[09:04] GT: {Perhaps we do}

[09:04] GT: {I don't understand the word}

[09:04] GT: {So I don't know}

[09:04] AA: The belief in something that clearly doesn't exist.

[09:05] GT: {Wow}

[09:05] GT: {Why would anyone want that}

[09:05] GT: {If a troll does have religion where we are}

[09:05] GT: {They are usually called insane}

[09:05] AA: Count yourself lucky then.

[09:05] AA: Those pointless wars you mentioned? Most of them due to some religious context.

[09:06] GT: {Wow}

[09:06] GT: {Actually}

[09:06] GT: {That sounds something similar to what trolls do}

[09:06] GT: {You see as humans only have one shade of blood}

[09:06] GT: {Trolls have all colors of the rainbow blood}

[09:07] GT: {Some of which apparently have superiority over another}

[09:07] GT: {I've never accepted this because}

[09:07] GT: {Well we're the same for the most part}

[09:07] AA: This is getting ridiculous, but picques my interest.

[09:07] GT: {Sorry sorry sorry}

[09:07] GT: {Basically}

[09:08] GT: {Many believe that their blood shade sets them above others in society}

[09:08] GT: {But there's no actual difference}

[09:08] GT: {Which is why I fight still}

[09:08] GT: {My blood color is considered fairly well off on the social ranking aspect}

[09:09] AA: What color is it?

[09:10] GT: {It's close to the shade of my teXt color}

[09:10] GT: {A sort of cerulean if you will}

[09:10] AA: ...You're a blue blood.

[09:10] GT: {Yes}

[09:10] GT: {That is what I am}

[09:10] AA: That was a very nice build up to your joke.

[09:10] AA: I applaud you.

[09:10] GT: {Joke?}

[09:11] AA: Oh dear.

[09:11] GT: {Do humans find these sorts of things amusing}

[09:11] GT: {Because}

[09:11] GT: {In troll society for me}

[09:11] GT: {There is nothing amusing about watching your friends be killed because their blood color doesn't look some way}

[09:11] AA: This is morbidly intriguing

[09:12] GT: {But of course you'll learn this in due time}

[09:12] GT: {You're curiosity will be satisfied in the future, Kate}

[09:12] AA: Right then.

[09:12] GT: {I need to leave}

[09:12] GT: {Much is to be done}

[09:13] AA: Alright then. Good luck i suppose.

[09:13] GT: {Thank you}

[09:13] AA: I*, Forget you saw that.

[09:13] GT: {If you insist}

[09:13] GT: {Good bye}

[09:13] AA: Have fun.

[09:14] -- graciousTerminator [GT] ceased pestering abyssalArrow [AA] at 21:14 --