[04:57] -- solitarySentinel [SS] began pestering abyssalArrow [AA] at 16:57 --

[04:57] SS: hey human

[04:57] AA: Hi.

[04:57] SS: i have to commend you on your performance in the card game

[04:58] AA: You as well. There were a few gems in your selections.

[04:58] SS: Indeed. You are a worthy opponent.

[05:00] SS: Human.

[05:00] SS: Human.

[05:00] AA: What.

[05:00] AA: I mean. What?*

[05:00] SS: There you are.

[05:00] AA: Sorry. I am distracted.

[05:01] SS: What's distracting you?

[05:01] AA: This tarantula isn't dying.

[05:01] SS: i would recommend fire, that usually works ( :c

[05:01] AA: I am worried I have conveniently missed vital spots with all of my needles.

[05:02] AA: I cannot damage the exterior.

[05:02] SS: You're using needles?

[05:02] AA: Yes.

[05:02] SS: well there's the problem.

[05:02] AA: It is currently writhing in my left palm.

[05:03] SS: you should be using a REAL weapon

[05:03] SS: like

[05:03] SS: i dunno

[05:03] SS: a sword ( :c

[05:03] AA: I cannot damage the exterior visibly.

[05:03] SS: once again

[05:03] SS: sword

[05:03] SS: invest

[05:04] AA: a sword would make too large a whole.

[05:04] AA: hole*. Good Heavens.

[05:04] AA: A*. Yikes I'm slipping.

[05:04] AA: This damned spider.

[05:05] SS: What do you mean, to large a hole?

[05:05] SS: when trying to kill something

[05:05] AA: I am taxidermizing.

[05:05] SS: OH

[05:05] AA: The point is to preserve the exterior.

[05:05] SS: i thought you were trying to KILL something

[05:05] SS: no PRESERVE something

[05:05] AA: I am doing both.

[05:06] SS: wait

[05:06] SS: is it still alive?

[05:06] AA: Momentarilly.

[05:06] SS: Your taxidermizing something that's still alive?!

[05:06] SS: oh

[05:06] SS: oh my

[05:07] SS: that is disturbing

[05:07] AA: I have a crow downstairs that's itching for some spider legs.

[05:07] SS: oh god

[05:07] SS: i mean'

[05:07] SS: trolls are a violent race

[05:07] SS: but that

[05:08] SS: is messed up

[05:08] AA: nonsense.

[05:08] AA: Nonsense*.

[05:08] SS: i

[05:08] SS: i have to go

[05:08] -- solitarySentinel [SS] ceased pestering abyssalArrow [AA] at 17:08 --

[05:08] AA: One down.