[09:29] CA: hey

[09:29] GT: {Hello}

[09:30] CA: whatsss up

[09:30] GT: {Just got done dealing with another one of your blood>

[09:30] GT: {The Balish one}

[09:30] GT: {He's interesting}

[09:30] CA: ugh dont compare usss

[09:31] CA: that guy isss an arogant asssssshole

[09:31] GT: {You already seem more aloof than him and we've never met. Which is a good thing in this case.}

[09:31] GT: {But I don't mind what you think of him}

09:32] GT: {Speaking of which, what do I call you?}

[09:32] CA: Alieka isss fine

[09:32] GT: {Wow, coo name}

09:32] GT: {I'm Kikate}

[09:33] CA: you fight at all?

[09:33] GT: {Lots}

[09:33] GT: {More than I'd like too for sure}

[09:33] GT: {v.v}

[09:33] CA: sssmirk

[09:34] CA: how often you win

[09:34] GT: {As much as I need to}

[09:34] GT: {If I have to win I will}

[09:34] CA: thatsss a ssstuiped thing to sssay

[09:35] CA: you mussst alwaysss win then or are lying

[09:35] GT: {It has more truth to it than you think}

[09:35] GT: {I learned long ago that winning isn't anything}

[09:35] GT: {Not always}

[09:35] GT: {If it doesn't matter than I won't always win}

[09:36] CA: no fight worth fighting

[09:36] CA: isss good without winnning

[09:36] GT: {You have to fight for something you care about}

[09:36] GT: {That's all that matters to me}

[09:37] GT: {What do you fight for then?}

[09:37] CA: ...

[09:37] CA: doesss it really matter

[09:37] GT: {I think so}

[09:37] CA: im jussst sssome random troll

[09:37] CA: you'll never meet me

[09:37] GT: {I'm sorry}

[09:37] GT: {I suppose I get a bit carried away}

[09:38] GT: {I'll go away now if you want me to}

[09:38] CA: .....

[09:38] CA: nah

[09:38] CA: you ssseem fine

[09:38] GT: {Okay ^_^}

[09:39] CA: do you really think me and that purpleblood asss the sssame

[09:39] GT: {After this conversation? Not in the slightest}

[09:39] GT: {You interest me, Alieka}

[09:40] GT: {If we were to somehow meet}

[09:40] GT: {Do you think we could be friends?}

[09:40] CA: no idea

[09:40] CA: you know how the world isss

[ 09:40] CA: fight or die

[09:40] GT: {That's one way of looking at it}

[09:40] GT: {You sound like Balish again}

[09:41] CA: and i cant garnte that if we met itd be a good thing

[09:41] CA: after all

[09:41] CA: im jussst sssome troll online

[09:41] CA: you know nothing about

-- chaoticArtist [CA] gave up trolling graciousTerminator [GT] at 21:41 --