[09:44] -- aibohphilicGapeseed [AG] began trolling graciousTerminator [GT] at 21:44 --

[09:44] AG: .....

[09:44] AG: uhm hi

[09:44] AG: shit

[09:44] AG: less uhm, more hi

[09:44] AG: er, fuck

[09:44] GT:  You're fine ^_^

[09:44] GT:  Hello there

[09:45] AG: sorry. hi, I'm Nullar, we're going to be playing a game together soon I think! [:>>

[09:45] GT:  Nullar

[09:45] GT:  That's a nice name

[09:45] GT:  I'm Kikat’e

[09:45] AG: ehehehe... s-s-... thanks!

[09:45] AG: nice to meet you, Kikat’e. Emphasis on the e?

[09:46] GT:  I've heard so many pronounciations

[09:46] GT:  You're the first to guess about the e's emphasis

[09:47] AG: well it has that emphasis mark and everything P:

[09:47] AG: mine's easy, just... null-ar! emphasis on the null, I guess.

[09:48] GT:  Once again, a cool name.  

[09:48] GT:  You seemed a bit nervous earlier

[09:48] GT:  Is something the matter?

[09:48] AG: oh, uh, no, not particularly

[09:49] AG: I'm just not used to....... uh, well,

[09:49] AG: I don't usually start conversations like this

[09:49] AG: it's less 'hello, hi' and more 'get the fuck out of my window'

[09:49] AG: I mean, er, disregard that

[09:50] GT:  Please

[09:50] GT:  Act like you always would around me

[09:50] GT:  I much prefer the company of trolls on your end of the hemospectrum rather than the higher end

[09:51] AG: oh. I guess that's... fair. higher ups can be a little... testy to say the least.

[09:51] AG: if you can't hear what they're saying you could always just pretend they're casting some massive spell or something and yelling over the sound of a roaring demon and that's why they look so angry though!

[09:52] GT:  Sigh. >.> you have no idea how much I wish that they would just calm down for once

[09:53] AG: hahaha well. I dunno a lot of the things they get all worried about just doesn't matter much to me

[09:54] GT:  ^_^

[09:54] GT:  Wow

[09:54] GT:  I really like that

[09:54] AG: I'll only get a dozen or so sweeps of intergalactic conquest and kowtowing to know it all jerks before I die so, what will be will be I guess

[09:54] GT:  IT's refreshing to hear someone with such a good sense of pacifism

[09:54] GT:  I wish I could be more like that

[09:55] AG: well you'll be around a lot longer, that kind of stuff should matter to you a little bit more

[09:55] GT:   _  

[09:55] GT:  I wish I didn't have such an increased life span

[09:55] GT:  It means I have to watch even more die

[09:55] AG: wh-what? why that's.... oh

[09:56] AG: that's actually pretty depressing

[09:56] GT:  In a roundabout sort of way

[09:56] GT:  I even the lower bloods, Nullar

[09:56] GT:  *Envy, sorry.

[09:56] GT:  I wish I could be an actual fighter

[09:56] AG: I can't see what's stopping you

[09:56] AG: from fighting, I mean

[09:57] GT:  My appearance. And I do fight as much as I can for justice yet...

[09:57] GT:  I'm never taken seriously

[09:57] AG: surely even a midblood can join the ruffianihalators

[09:57] AG: and I mean don't the laughsassins fight too? you might could join them

[09:57] GT:  People never see a midblood like me sympathizing

[09:57] AG: sympathizing what? xD; you're talking strange

[09:58] GT:  I'm sorry

[09:58] GT:  I'll leave if you want

[09:58] AG: t-tahw??? I t'ndid---

[09:58] AG: s-sorry, I mean, I didn't mean anything by that

[09:58] AG: I just don't get what you're sympathizing! that's all

[09:59] GT:  Low bloods Nullar

[09:59] GT:  As a higher mid-blood myself

[09:59] GT:  I spend much time with the high bloods

[09:59] AG: ehehehehe what?

[09:59] GT:  More than I'd like too

[09:59] AG: oh.

[09:59] GT:  And all I hear is peasant blood this, peasant blood that

[09:59] GT:  It's sickening

[09:59] GT:  I can't stand it

[09:59] GT:  And all the lives they've claimed on account of blood color

[09:59] GT:  That's what I'm sympathizing with

[10:00] AG: I mean, everything isn't even that's for sure, but... it's just this way. you can't blame someone for acting how they were raised to act. well, maybe you can, who knows

[10:00] GT:  The pointless suffering of low bloods.  

[10:00] AG: but I've seen awful behavior from low bloods too! I think trolls are just awful in general

[10:00] AG: you wouldn't believe the things I've seen, honestly /=_=\;;

[10:00] AG: let me just say, I have seen a lot.

[10:00] GT:  I'm sure I wouldn't

[10:00] GT:  That was the other thing

[10:01] GT:  I'm seen as a joke

[10:01] GT:  To all blood levels

[10:01] GT:  To lower bloods I'm a high-blooded sympathizer who doesn't know what it's actually like

[10:01] GT:  To high-bloods I'm just scum that sympathizes with trash

[10:02] GT:  Did I

[10:02] GT:  Scare you away

[10:03] AG: n-no!

[10:03] AG: sorry, it's just weird to think about

[10:03] GT:  Understandable  

[10:03] AG: I don't understand why you'd put yourself in a position that alienates you from everyone around you /:>>

[10:03] GT:  But

[10:03] GT:  I don't either Nullar

[10:04] GT:  I can't help it

[10:04] GT:  Sometimes I feel my obsessive empathy is a curse

[10:04] AG: well it does seem a bit detrimental

[10:04] AG: but hey, you do you

[10:04] AG: there is an alarming freedom to be whatever kind of freak you want to be, good or bad, in troll society

[10:05] AG: so long as you don't speak against the empress too harshly ):>>

[10:05] AG: on the bright side you're probably way too unimportant to get culled for spreading dissent!

[10:05] AG: well, I may be assuming here

[10:05] GT:  No you're right

[10:06] GT:  My lower popularity and rejection prevents me from being too widely known  

[10:06] GT:  It's a miXed blessing

[10:06] AG: hmmm. well if you wanted to be more popular (which frankly sounds awful but to each their own) you could always try to just... I don't know

[10:06] AG: change your behavior a little?

[10:07] AG: alienating yourself surely isn't the best way to change the minds of those around you!

[10:08] GT:  What a situation I'm in

[10:08] GT:  You're right

[10:08] GT:  Though whether or not I heed your advice will be seen

[10:08] AG: oh oh ): I suddenly feel really bad, like, I totally overstepped my boundaries here

[10:08] AG: I really haven't the right to be giving anyone advice, I'm such a hypocrite /><\;;;

[10:09] GT:  No

[10:09] AG: I hardly ever even talk to anyone ehehe

[10:09] GT:  Nullar

[10:09] GT:  You've already been a wonderful person

[10:09] GT:  To discuss it this far with me

[10:09] GT:  Rather than dismissing it immediately

[10:09] AG: .... /^^\;;

[10:10] AG: well! we're all very weird in our own ways.

[10:10] AG: if you don't want to take advantage of your blood to get ahead in life

[10:10] AG: and want to make things better for people below you

[10:10] AG: well...... that's REALLY weird for sure but

[10:10] AG: you can't fight your own nature, right?

[10:12] GT:  I don't know

[10:12] GT:  Only time will tell

[10:12] GT:  But thank you

[10:12] GT:  You're the first one to really listen yknow?

[10:12] AG: well listening is probably treason, that might be why ehehehe

[10:12] AG: but if you

[10:13] AG: well if you wanted to thank me you could probably do me a favour

[10:13] AG: just... just a small one

[10:13] GT:  Of course

[10:13] AG: eheheheheh

[10:13] AG: s-sorry I'm nervous [:>>

[10:13] GT:  I've never really met someone like you

[10:13] GT:  And don't worry

[10:13] GT:  I won't be offended

[10:13] AG: you live with mid bloods right! I bet your place looks so cool

[10:13] AG: could you........ like

[10:14] AG: show me your hive

[10:14] AG: do you have a grubcam

[10:14] GT:  Yeah

[10:14] GT:  Hang on

[10:14] GT:  Oh god there are shitty swords everywhere

[10:14] GT:  I hope you don't mind

[10:15] AG: swords??? are you a knight? /^_^\

[10:15] GT:  Eh

[10:15] GT:  You flatter me

[10:15] GT:  My battles are not so much knightly as they are vigilante-like

[10:16] AG: ohhhh so you're a rogue [:<>   like troll robin hood

[10:17] GT:  Something like that! I like to think of myself as a troll Uma Thurman from Kill Bill...

[10:18] AG: oh, you mean 'the one in where the woman gets attacked on her wedding day while pregnant when trying to escape her old but wildly dangerous ex and she almost dies but then she's raped in the hospital and afterwards kills everyone who attacks her and the twist ending is that her child is alive'??

[10:18] GT:  Wow

[10:18] GT:  I love you for knowing that

[10:19] GT:  Yes. That's the one

[10:19] AG: y-yeh ereht s'taht a elttil drawrof!!! />_<\;;;;;;;

[10:19] GT:  Minus the pregnancy and rape and boyfriends and wedding attack

[10:19] GT:  Still good with swords though

[10:19] AG: er

[10:19] AG: I mean

[10:20] AG: we just met is all

[10:20] GT:  ^_^

[10:20] AG: and what is love really, but some bullshit for the romcoms

[10:20] GT:  Your strangeness and oddities just increase my interest

[10:20] GT:  Normalcy is

[10:20] GT:  Normalcy

[10:20] AG: /^^\;;;;; ho raed....

[10:21] GT:  So um

[10:21] GT:  Here's my hive

[10:21] AG: /o.o\

[10:21] GT:  I hope you don't find it too disgusting and cluttered

[10:21] -- graciousTerminator [GT] sends picture of hive --

[10:22] AG: w....wooooow

[10:22] AG: don't worry mine's a lot messier. I have vegetation all over the place!

[10:22] GT:  Vegetation?

[10:23] AG: ... y-yeah /^^\ I... it sounds so silly now haha but I grow things

[10:23] AG: I know it's usually a drone's job to be a resourcial harvestorador but maybe I could oversee them one day or somethng

[10:24] AG: something** augh sorry I don't get to talk about my plants often everyone thinks I'm lame ):>>

[10:24] GT:  No please do  

[10:24] GT:  I rambled on and on to you

[10:24] AG: ehehehe only a little

[10:24] AG: well

[10:25] AG: not ton toot my own horn here but I've traveled far and wide to gather seeds

[10:25] AG: I have all sorts of fruits and flowers and vegetables

[10:26] AG: I even have some carnivorous plants that shouldn't be able to grow here in the desert. my hive is basically like... well, I guess a green house

[10:26] AG: I can't really eat anything I grow, though, which is bogus, but slothmom will eat anything /=_=\

[10:27] AG: and it's not like she leaves the house to hunt on her own so that comes in handy

[10:27] GT:  I bet

[10:27] GT:  But wow

[10:27] GT:  That's impressive

[10:27] GT:  Could I maybe see a picture?

[10:28] GT:  If that's not too intrusive  .  

[10:28] AG: oh!!!!!

[10:28] AG: oh

[10:28] AG: oh uh

[10:28] AG: uhm no

[10:28] AG: no I don't think that's

[10:28] AG: that's not good

[10:28] AG: on I evah ot og yrros eyb!!!

[10:28] -- aibohphilicGapeseed [AG] gave up trolling graciousTerminator [GT] at 22:28 --