[06:41] -- guardianSentinel [GS] began trolling chaoticArtist [CA] at 18:41 --

[06:41] GS: Hi there!

[06:41] CA: ?

[06:41] GS: Hello.

[06:41] GS: It's a greeting.

[06:41] GS: I think.

[06:42] CA: who are you

[06:42] GS: My names JOSSIK KATARN.

[06:42] GS: what's yours?

[06:42] CA: whatsss with the SUDENLY BOLD TEXT

[06:43] GS: I was putting EMPHASIS.

[06:43] GS: Just imagine me saying that in a very grand tone

[06:43] GS: that is also very attractive

[06:43] CA: rollsss eyesss

[06:43] CA: whatever im Alieka

[06:43] GS: Nice to meet you (:c

[06:43] GS: so

[06:43] CA: how did you even get my trolltag

[06:44] GS: I hit "random chump"

[06:44] GS: and I got you!

[06:44] GS: pretty cool, huh

[06:44] CA: ah....

[06:44] CA: you do any fighting?

[06:44] GS: Ah, yes.

[06:45] GS: I'm a bit of an expert in that particular field.

[06:45] CA: oh really?

[06:45] GS: I mean, I don't have any REAL combat experience, but I do plenty of hunting with my sword

[06:45] CA: lissst the people youve fought i probubly know them at leassst through sssomeone elssse

[06:45] CA: ...

[06:46] GS: Also, I watch alot of movies and stuff to get tips

[06:46] GS: spend a LOT of time practicing

[06:46] GS: so I mean

[06:46] CA: oh ssso you like charctersss then right

[06:46] GS: yeah

[06:46] GS: oh, are YOU any good at fighting?

[06:47] GS: you've probably been in lots of cool fights

[06:47] CA: well if you knew any real fightersss youd know me

[06:47] GS: well

[06:47] GS: i mean

[06:47] CA: ..... good or evil?

[06:47] GS: What? GOOD, obviously.

[06:47] GS: What else would one choose?

[06:47] CA: ................... BORING

[06:48] GS: No it's not!!!

[06:48] GS: Good is pretty cool.

[06:48] GS: Like look at Troll Jason Statham.

[06:48] CA: UGH talk about predictiple

[06:48] GS: um

[06:48] GS: *predictable

[06:48] CA: i mean ssseriosssly thingsss get more compicated real life

[06:48] GS: not really

[06:49] CA: friendssship and love cant sssolve everything

[06:49] GS: there's good

[06:49] GS: and there's evil;

[06:49] CA: and evil isssnt actully evil

[06:49] GS: and yes they totally can

[06:49] CA: itsss jussst a different perssspective

[06:49] GS: that was a contreadictory statement

[06:49] CA: to them the herosss are the villiansss

[06:49] CA: you have a boring mind dont you

[06:49] GS: But they're still the heroes

[06:50] GS: !

[06:50] GS: I have a totally exciting mind!

[06:50] CA: oh whatcha going to do

[06:50] CA: ssstab me fakely with you not real fighting ssskillsss

[06:50] GS: No, they're real

[06:51] CA: how would you know

[06:51] CA: name one perssson youve fought

[06:51] GS: I just haven't gotten a chance to practice on a real bad guy yet!

[06:51] GS: but one day

[06:51] GS: I will and it

[06:51] GS: will be

[06:51] GS: AWESOME

[06:51] GS: wait

[06:52] GS: You're a bad guy

[06:52] GS: which means you see me as the bad guy...

[06:52] GS: so we're both bad guys

[06:52] GS: so why are we fighting?

[06:52] CA: WOW

[06:52] GS: I'll tell you why

[06:52] CA: persssumtiosss much

[06:53] GS: *presumptuous

[06:53] CA: how am i a villian

[06:53] GS: well

[06:53] GS: you've been talking about how good is dumb

[06:53] CA: it isss

[06:53] CA: ssso isss evil

[06:53] CA: nothing isss black an white

[06:53] GS: except penguins

[06:53] CA: sssometimesss you got to do bad ssshit

[06:53] GS: newspapers

[06:54] CA: to do good

[06:54] GS: no you don't

[06:54] CA: sssaid the guy who wantsss to "fight" villiansss

[06:54] GS: you can just do the good things

[06:54] GS: that's good though!

[06:54] CA: what do you think fighting isss asssssshole

[06:54] GS: because they're villains!

[06:55] CA: villiansss have friendsss and familysss to

[06:55] CA: and what are you going to do if yo won

[06:55] CA: kill them?

[06:55] GS: no

[06:55] CA: or jussst allow them to live

[06:55] CA: ssso they ssstab you when you turn around

[06:55] GS: i

[06:55] GS: shit

[06:55] CA: cluelessssss

[06:56] GS: what is your GLITCH?

[06:56] CA: ?

[06:56] GS: I'm just trying to make conversation

[06:56] GS: but NO

[06:56] GS: we have to get philosophical about the nature of good and evil

[06:56] CA: sssaid the perssson who brought up the sssubject of charctersss and fighting

[06:57] GS: No, you brought that up!

[06:57] GS: you said

[06:57] GS: AND I QUOTE;

[06:57] GS: "CA: you do any fighting?"

[06:57] GS: HA

[06:57] GS: SO THER

[06:57] GS: *THERE

[06:57] GS: GOOD WINS

[06:57] GS: EVIL LOSES

[06:58] CA: rollsss eyesss

[06:58] GS: well

[06:58] CA: how am i evil

[06:58] GS: you're not good

[06:58] CA: what have i done to prove that im evil

[06:58] GS: so

[06:58] GS: um

[06:58] CA: or good for that matter

[06:58] CA: have i killed your mother

[06:58] CA: kicked a wiggler

[06:58] CA: or sssaved your life

[06:59] GS: shit

[06:59] GS: um

[06:59] GS: goddamn it

[06:59] CA: or wasss all i did quessstion sssomething youve ssspent your whole life ssstiving to be

[06:59] GS: fine



[07:00] CA: ?


[07:00] CA: did i break you?

[07:00] GS: no

[07:00] GS: i just

[07:00] CA: i mean

[07:00] GS: don't want to talk to you anymore

[07:00] CA: it ssseemed like you jussst had a freak out


[07:00] GS: no

[07:01] GS: that was to emphasise my point

[07:01] GS: I wasn't actually shouting at my computer

[07:01] GS: that would be crazy

[07:01] CA: ya sssureee totally believe you

[07:01] GS: ...

[07:02] CA: whatever

[07:02] CA: later lossser

[07:02] -- chaoticArtist [CA] gave up trolling guardianSentinel [GS] at 19:02 --

[07:02] GS: hah

[07:02] GS: yeash you better run

[07:02] CA: ...

[07:02] CA: you wanna fight about it

[07:02] GS: oh shit you're still hewre

[07:02] GS: um

[07:02] GS: no

[07:02] GS: uh

[07:02] CA: .......

[07:03] CA: ssso isssnted you commented when i wasssnt there???

[07:03] CA: ha big hero you are

[07:03] GS: shut up

[07:03] GS: bitch

[07:03] -- guardianSentinel [GS] gave up trolling chaoticArtist [CA] at 19:03 --

[07:03] CA: oooh im ssso ssscared