-- graciousTerminator [GT] began pestering abyssalArrow [AA] at 22:00 --

GT: { Kate }

GT: { How fares humanity at the moment }

AA: Ah, yes.

AA: The trolls return.

AA: I am unsure why you are so concerned about us.

GT: { As I may have said earlier }

GT: { Your confusion is justified }

GT: { But I can only continue to tell you that it will resolve itself in due time }

AA: What kind of due time?

GT: { Good question }

GT: { I couldn't tell you an eXact time }

GT: { But I do know }

GT: { It will begin with the arrival of a certain game }

AA: This is a rather shocking development.

AA: But.

AA: I am unsure of whether I can trust you.

AA: You are, however, the most tolerable of the trolls.

GT: { So the others have gotten to you then }

AA: Yes.

GT: { In that case you have my sincerest apologies for whatever trouble they may have caused you }

AA: They were most insufferable.

AA: Apology accepted.

GT: { Not to say that I am necessarily better than them, but you interest me and thus I continue in the manner I find most effective for the both of us }

AA: I see.

AA: I actually heard about such a game today.

GT: { Did you really? Then we're not too far off }

AA: Well, I know of a game, at least

AA: least.*

GT: { Well only time will tell then }

GT: { Not to stray off topic }

GT: { But I actually had a question for you }

AA: Yes?

GT: { How does one in human culture }

GT: { Properly assimilate into society in such a way that they become socially accepted? }

AA: Act like the majority of people. This is not something I can claim I do.

GT: { You see since you are human I am not ashamed to tell you that I am a bit of an outcast amongst my fellow trolls }

AA: You do seem a bit more well mannered.

GT: { Well thank you }

GT: { I suppose being different has it's merits occasionally }

GT: { I have not met any other humans so I am not one to compare }

GT: { You said earlier that they aren't all like you }

GT: { You seem at least like a decent human }

AA: Well.

AA: I try to be at least tolerable.

AA: But most think my hobbies a bit scary.

GT: { Scary? You mentionned hunting and taXidermy earlier, is there anything else that might be considered scary by humans? }

AA: Sewing together different animals is somehow tabboo

AA: taboo.*

GT: { Interesting }

GT: { Human culture never ceases to fascinate me }

AA: I am fairly distant from it in these woods.

GT: { I think we'd get along nicely if you were a troll here }

GT: { You eXhibit some similar characteristics but not in a negative fashion }

GT: { You seem more mellow than most trolls would be by a stretch }

GT: { But of course you're a human so }

GT: { What do I know }

AA: I am unsure how to compare.

AA: Some humans are quite extreme, others docile.

AA: It is hard to say how a troll or a human were to compare.

AA: But listen to me buying into your stories like it's candy.

GT: { }

GT: { When you put it like that I feel quite silly }

GT: { Sigh }

AA: Pardon me if I try to take what you say for a grain of salt.

AA: However, the timing is just too perfect.

GT: { I suppose throwing in anything else along the lines of "trust me" would be futile at this point. }

AA: Unless of course, you are orchestrating all of these happenings conveniently at the same time.

GT: { You'd be surprised }

GT: { I am more of a viewer than an orchestrator }

GT: { Though technically a bit of both in ways that I am unable to eXplain to you }

AA: But then... Jack said he was never contacted by trolls.

GT: { That's because he hasn't been yet }

GT: { Simple as that }

GT: { Some of us have no interest to talk to humans }

GT: { Others who do will sometimes only focus on one }

AA: Hmm.

AA: Have you contacted any others?

GT: { As far as you know, no I have not }

AA: Cryptic.

AA: Is there anything else?

GT: { No }

GT: { I have annoying friends to take care of }

GT: { So I'll be leaving }

AA: Very well.

AA: Take care.

GT: { }

GT: { You too }

-- graciousTerminator [GT] ceased pestering abyssalArrow [AA] at 22:31 --