[09:08] -- abyssalArrow [AA] began pestering acquiredCarne [AC] at 21:08 --

[09:08] AA: Hi.

[09:09] AC: Hello

[09:11] AA: I am initiating this conversation out of a certain curiosity.

[09:11] AC: curiosity

[09:11] AA: Have you been pestered recently by a strange group of people?

[09:11] AC: about what?

[09:11] AC: None so far

[09:11] AC: as I recall

[09:11] AA: Interesting.

[09:12] AA: Oh. I am Kate, by the way.

[09:12] AA: I am told I should introduce myself sooner.

[09:12] AC: Called Nate

[09:12] AC: pleasure

[09:12] AA: Same to you.

[09:12] AC: These strange people?

[09:13] AA: Yes?

[09:13] AC: What're they like?

[09:13] AA: They have strange ways of typing and are quite obnoxious.

[09:13] AA: They claim to be aliens from the future.

[09:13] AC: ohh

[09:13] AA: Think of this as a PSA.

[09:13] AA: Personal Service Announcement.

[09:13] AC: well, thanks

[09:13] AC: for the heads up

[09:14] AA: You are welcome.

[09:14] AC: I'll have to pay attention

[09:14] AC: keep my ear to the ground

[09:14] AC: see what I can here

[09:14] AC: *hear

[09:14] AA: Hmm. Indeed.

[09:14] AA: I prefer looking from the trees.

[09:14] AC: But, aliens

[09:14] AA: Yes.

[09:15] AC: Trees are nice,

[09:15] AC: great place for napping

[09:16] AC: there are some

[09:16] AC: strange people out there

[09:16] AC: aren't there?

[09:17] AA: Certainly.

[09:17] AA: Makes me wonder where they come from.

[09:17] AC: Mexico?

[09:18] AC: They're aliens right?

[09:18] AA: Hm. More like...

[09:18] AA: France.

[09:19] AC: That's

[09:19] AC: pretty funny

[09:19] AA: I like to think I have a sense of humor.

[09:19] AC: Thinking about

[09:19] AC: some alien with a big head

[09:20] AC: and a beret

[09:20] AC: eating a baguette

[09:20] AA: And frog legs.

[09:20] AC: being a pompous asshole

[09:20] AA: With a mime in the background.

[09:20] AC: and the Eiffle Tower

[09:21] AA: Holding a eukelele.

[09:21] AA: No wait. That's hawaiian.

[09:21] AA: Accordian.

[09:21] AC: maybe painting an alien Mona Lisa

[09:21] AC: or something

[09:22] AA: Was that french?

[09:23] AC: Hell, if I know

[09:23] AC: I'm no art

[09:23] AA: Haha.

[09:23] AA: Speaking of art, that reminds me.

[09:23] AC: hmm?

[09:23] AC: ?

[09:23] AA: Also, coincidentally, speaking of french people.

[09:23] AC: this

[09:24] AC: sounds bad

[09:24] AC: French is never

[09:24] AC: a good thing

[09:24] AA: My friend Beau mentioned something earlier.

[09:24] AA: About a new game coming out. I want to know if she's pulling my leg or what have you.

[09:24] AC: What'd that be

[09:24] AC: I wouldn't much know

[09:25] AC: about things like that

[09:25] AA: Have you heard of SBurb? I think that was what she called it. Silly name for a game.

[09:25] AC: not good signal in the woods

[09:25] AC: Never heard of it

[09:26] AA: Hmm.

[09:26] AC: Hmm?

[09:26] AA: I'm not much for games either.

[09:26] AA: But I think I would have heard about something like this.

[09:27] AA: I must be slipping.

[09:27] AC: Can't pay attention

[09:27] AC: to everything

[09:27] AC: go mad doing that

[09:28] AC: gotta just let something go

[09:28] AC: *somethings

[09:28] AA: Hmm.

[09:28] AC: I mean

[09:29] AC: whose gonna watch the watchers

[09:29] AC: and all that kinda jazz

[09:30] AA: The hwat?

[09:30] AC: the watchers

[09:31] AA: What*.

[09:31] AC: or watchmen

[09:31] AA: Hmmm.

[09:31] AA: I have heard of the watchmen.

[09:31] AC: I mix those up sometimes

[09:32] AC: good book

[09:32] AA: Do you like super heroes?

[09:32] AC: maybe

[09:32] AC: why?

[09:32] AC: Yes

[09:33] AA: I was curious.

[09:33] AC: getting to be super strong

[09:33] AC: or super fast

[09:33] AC: who wouldn't want

[09:33] AC: that

[09:34] AA: Hmm.

[09:34] AA: That would be exciting.

[09:34] AC: sure would make bringing

[09:34] AC: my kills home easier

[09:35] AC: dragging a deer carcass 5 miles isn't fun

[09:35] AA: You hunt?

[09:36] AC: pretty much all day

[09:36] AC: gotta bring home food somehow

[09:36] AA: So do I, except when I'm done hunting I skin the kills and taxidermize them.

[09:36] AC: what do you

[09:36] AC: do with the

[09:36] AC: meat?

[09:36] AA: Cook it.

[09:37] AC: Good

[09:37] AA: It is wonderful.

[09:37] AC: can't stand people who don't

[09:37] AC: eat meat

[09:37] AA: I know what you mean.

[09:38] AA: There is nothing quite as wonderful as a freshly killed rabbit.

[09:38] AC: always nice

[09:38] AC: rabbit doesn't sell

[09:38] AA: You sell your kills?

[09:38] AC: at my Father's

[09:39] AC: he's a butcher

[09:39] AA: Interesting.

[09:39] AA: My Mother eats most of my food.

[09:39] AC: pretty much live in meat

[09:39] AA: I have to kill often in order to keep her fed.

[09:39] AC: that

[09:39] AC: doesn't sound that bad

[09:40] AC: at least it's fun

[09:40] AA: It is.

[09:40] AA: And I always have a reason to get more corpses.

[09:40] AA: It does get annoying sometimes though.

[09:40] AC: yeah

[09:40] AA: She cannot cook to save her life.

[09:40] AC: I've got

[09:40] AC: huge piles of bones

[09:40] AA: A few days ago she put a whole deer in a pot.

[09:40] AC: in my backyard

[09:41] AA: Before I skinned it.

[09:41] AC: what?

[09:41] AC: but that's

[09:41] AC: still hairy

[09:41] AA: I know.

[09:41] AA: I know not what she was thinking.

[09:41] AC: and the bones

[09:42] AC: antlers do not taste good

[09:42] AC: I know from experience

[09:43] AA: No.

[09:43] AA: But bones are nice.

[09:43] AC: got so many bones

[09:43] AA: It takes a certain level of skill, however, to leave the ligaments intact while removing the meat from the bones.

[09:44] AC: s'true

[09:44] AA: That way you can reskin it to make a realistic depiction.

[09:44] AC: reskin

[09:44] AC: ?

[09:44] AA: For taxidermy.

[09:44] AC: the meat?

[09:44] AA: The body.

[09:45] AC: sounds weird

[09:45] AC: but cool

[09:46] AA: It is what I do

[09:46] AA: do.*

[09:52] AA: It is a skill I picked up over many years of refinement.

[09:52] AC: can see that

[09:53] AC: spent years getting

[09:53] AC: familiar with the woods

[09:53] AC: else I'd have been

[09:53] AC: long losr

[09:53] AC: *lost

[09:54] AA: Yes. It is important to know the lay of the land.

[09:54] AA: I learned to climb trees so well because I got lost when I was about 9.

[09:54] AA: I climbed to the tops to get a view back to my house.

[09:54] AC: did something similar

[09:55] AC: scept it was to escape

[09:55] AC: from a bear

[09:55] AA: A... bear...?

[09:55] AC: yep

[09:55] AA: That sounds... dangerous.

[09:55] AC: tried shooting it

[09:55] AC: in hindsight

[09:56] AC: yes

[09:56] AA: I also keep to the trees because...

[09:56] AA: Bears can't climb trees.

[09:56] AC: if they could

[09:56] AC: well

[09:57] AC: things would not

[09:57] AC: have ended so well

[09:57] AC: for me

[09:57] AC: stupid bears

[09:58] AA: They are quite... majestic.

[09:58] AC: only from 20 feet

[09:58] AC: in the air

[09:58] AA: Indeed.

[09:58] AC: and dead

[09:59] AC: can't forget dead

[10:00] AA: I've never killed one...

[10:00] AC: they're not that hard

[10:01] AC: just gotta keep shooting 'em

[10:01] AC: in the head

[10:01] AC: preferably

[10:02] AA: Wow...

[10:02] AA: You've killed one?

[10:02] AC: yep

[10:03] AC: the secret

[10:03] AC: is to shoot it

[10:03] AC: over and over again

[10:03] AA: Unfortunately... Bows take too long to draw, and crossbows too long to reload.

[10:04] AC: that's why I keep my shotgun

[10:04] AC: close in hand

[10:04] AC: I can respect

[10:04] AC: going cowboys and indians though

[10:05] AA: How about if we ever go hunting, I'll take the trees, you take the ground, and we can handle every bear that comes our way.

[10:05] AC: fuck that

[10:06] AC: I aint no bear bait

[10:06] AA: I am not suggesting you be bait.

[10:06] AA: I was merely inferring that a shotgun has a great deal more killing power up close.

[10:06] AC: you know what else

[10:06] AC: has a great deal of killing potential up close?

[10:06] AC: bears

[10:07] AA: I take your point.

[10:07] AA: Well then.

[10:07] AA: We will cross that bridge if and when we get there.

[10:07] AC: yes?

[10:07] AC: hopefully

[10:07] AC: by trees

[10:08] AC: in case of bears

[10:08] AA: Agreed.

[10:09] AA: Hmm.

[10:09] AC: Hmm? x2

[10:10] AA: I am talking to one of the trolls I mentioned earlier. Keep an eye on that Sburb game I mentioned.

[10:10] AC: ok

[10:10] AC: I'll go climb a treee

[10:10] AC: *tree

[10:10] AA: Sounds like a good play.

[10:10] AA: plan.*

[10:10] AC: see what I can see

[10:11] AC: hopefully not bears

[10:11] AA: I will cross my fingers for you.

[10:11] AA: I must go, Nate.

[10:11] AA: It was nice meeting you.

[10:11] AC: Fuck

[10:11] AC: this was a bad plan

[10:11] AA: Hm?

[10:12] AC: it's dark out

[10:12] AC: and I'm up a tree

[10:12] AA: Are you outside right now?

[10:12] AA: Oh.

[10:12] AC: I better get going

[10:12] AA: Good luck.

[10:12] AC: texting while climbing down

[10:12] AC: is not a good idea

[10:12] AA: No, it is not.

[10:13] AC: goodbye

[10:13] AA: Goodbye.

[10:13] -- abyssalArrow [AA] ceased pestering acquiredCarne [AC] at 22:13 --