[06:11] -- abyssalArrow [AA] began pestering arcaneArtisan [AA] at 18:11 --

[06:11] AA: Hello.

[06:11] AA: Hi.

[06:12] AA: We both have the same initials for our chumhandles!

[06:12] AA: Yes, I thought it was interesting.

[06:12] AA: Of all the possible combinations, we chose the same ones.

[06:13] AA: I am Kate.

[06:14] AA: I am Sami.

[06:14] AA: Silly name, I know.

[06:14] AA: My dad's got some weird tastes sometimes.

[06:15] AA: Kate's a much better name.

[06:15] AA: Sami, that isn't even a shortening?

[06:15] AA: You would think!

[06:16] AA: It's like he just decided "I'm going to give her a four letter name come hell or high water!"

[06:16] AA: Oops. Sorry for the profanity. He was in the army. It happens.

[06:16] AA: Hmmm. Profanity does not bother me.

[06:17] AA: Oh. Good then.

[06:20] AA: So what sorts of things are you into, Kate?

[06:22] AA: My hobbies are narrow and refined.

[06:22] AA: I mostly enjoy hunting and taxidermy.

[06:22] AA: That is not what I expected!

[06:23] AA: How did you get into that sort of thing?

[06:23] AA: It is a fine art. I have learned much about the anatomies of various creatures solely through meticulous dissection.

[06:24] AA: Oh! I like fine arts! I've never done one that involves dissection before though...

[06:26] AA: So what do you do, just disect them and sew them back together again?

[06:26] AA: In some sort of ~~dynamic pose~~?

[06:27] AA: A bit more complicated than that.

[06:27] AA: It requires at least two corpses. I take parts of one and parts of the other, and piece them together.

[06:28] AA: Oh, like a platypus!

[06:28] AA: Some think it grotesque, but I can create things that life has never seen.

[06:29] AA: Sort of. My personal favorite I finished just yesterday. It is a spider with a crow's head and wings.

[06:29] AA: That sounds....terrifying.

[06:30] AA: Kind of cool, too, though! Like those creepy paintings by Hiero...hero...

[06:30] AA: Bosch!

[06:31] AA: A bit, yes, but much more real.

[06:31] AA: And much more dangerous.

[06:31] AA: What do you even call something like that?

[06:31] AA: Gaff Taxidermy.

[06:32] AA: Oh, you mean that's what the thing you do is called. That's cool, but I meant what do you call that weird spider crow thing?

[06:32] AA: Oh.

[06:33] AA: Crowrantula is the working title.

[06:33] AA: I've been feeling a bit uninspired lately, however.

[06:33] AA: Well I think Crowantula is going to be in my nightmares tonight, if it helps!

[06:33] AA: Always a pleasure to invade dreams.

[06:34] AA: What about yourself?

[06:34] AA: I can't really stick to any one thing for too long.

[06:34] AA: I start drawing, then I get bored and start painting, then I get bored and try sculpting...

[06:35] AA: ...but somehow I always seem to get charcoal in my hair. I don't even remember the last time I used charcoal!

[06:36] AA: That's odd.

[06:37] AA: Perhaps you should avoid working near a fireplace?

[06:37] AA: Haha. =P

[06:37] AA: I think we've got the opposite problems though! You're feeling under-inspired and I've got too much!

[06:38] AA: Let's trade! I'll give you some of my inspiration for some of your focus!

[06:38] AA: j/k

[06:38] AA: Hmmm.

[06:39] AA: Man, you ever think about what it would be like if one of your "gaff taxidermy" creations were alive?

[06:39] AA: Perhaps I am just thinking about what one of my friends said earlier.

[06:39] AA: Wjat

[06:39] AA: What's that?

[06:39] AA: Oh how wonderful would that be...

[06:39] AA: Truely the most wonderous of all things.

[06:39] AA: "Wonderful" is not the word I would use for a living breathing crowantula!

[06:40] AA: I think I would start with words like "AAAAAAAAH!" and finish up with more profanity.

[06:40] AA: Not just the crowrantula... but the mermice and the jackelopes and the Cythons!

[06:40] AA: Mermice? Like....underwater mice?

[06:41] AA: That'd be pretty cute I guess. Do they have little fishie tails?

[06:41] AA: They would be, if they were alive.

[06:41] AA: Oh, yeah. I guess the stuffed ones would probably get ruined if they were soaked, huh?

[06:42] AA: What did your friend say earlier that's got you thinking?

[06:42] AA: Oh.

[06:43] AA: He seems to be obsessed with the supposed coming apocolypse.

[06:43] AA: Haha. I've seen a lot of people like that lately, too!

[06:44] AA: How did he say it was going to end?

[06:44] AA: He didn't say for certain, but he thinks something like nukes or meteors would be a boring way to go.

[06:44] AA: Not tragic enough.

[06:45] -- arcaneArtisan [AA] rolls her eyes. --

[06:45] AA: Yeah, we could always use more tragedy!

[06:46] AA: It is what fulfills him.

[06:46] AA: It is quite admirable, I think.

[06:46] AA: Oh well. Takes all kinds I guess.

[06:46] AA: Tragedy's great when it's in stories, but I don't think the real world needs any more of it!

[06:47] AA: I think that those who thrive in tragedy will have the best insights on how to deal with it.

[06:48] AA: I guess you're right. I don't deal with tragedy all that well. Not that I've had many. But I cried for weeks when Bambi's mother died.

[06:48] AA: I was like six years old then though.

[06:49] AA: I could probably get by with only an hour or two now!

[06:49] AA: Hmm. Death is an interesting thing.

[06:50] AA: I....guess?

[06:50] AA: Someone who dies has all the doors closed for them, but others have many opened.

[06:50] AA: I guess that's true. If Rembrandt were still around, no one would be able to make much of a splash as an artist anymore!

[06:50] AA: I hadn't even thought of that.

[06:51] AA: I was thinking more along the lines of when I kill bambi's mother every few months and I can have food.

[06:52] AA: Oh man. I know that's where food comes from but I really don't like to think of it.

[06:52] AA: Makes me so sad.

[06:52] AA: Mabe I could just live on twinkies for the rest of my life. I'm pretty sure nothing natural was ever involved in a twinkie!

[06:53] AA: Hmmm.

[06:53] AA: Such foods are awful for you.

[06:53] AA: Yeah.

[06:54] AA: But delicious!

[06:54] AA: I disagree.

[06:54] AA: Meat is the greatest of foods.

[06:55] AA: Well you are entitled to your opinion, even if it is WRONG WRONG WRONG. ;D

[06:56] AA: Hmmm.

[06:56] AA: We will see.

[07:00] AA: You must taste of my fresh kills.

[07:00] AA: Oh, dear. Must I?

[07:01] AA: Indeed you must.

[07:01] AA: Else you have not lived.

[07:01] AA: T_T

[07:02] AA: Trust me.

[07:03] AA: We're probably a million miles away from each other anyway. So I'm pretty sure any "kills" you were able to send me wouldn't be very fresh.

[07:03] AA: I'll tell you what--if we ever meet in person, I promise to try some of your "fresh kills."

[07:04] AA: *cough*nevergonnahappen*cough* ;P

[07:05] AA: I wouldn't be so sure.

[07:05] AA: A friend of mine gave me an exotic modus that you can apparently send long distances to transport items.

[07:05] AA: Once I figure out how to work it, I may actually be able to send you some venison.

[07:06] AA: Damn those convenient sylladexes!

[07:07] AA: I haven't gotten it yet, his internet speed is rather slow.

[07:07] AA: Oh. Sounds like a lucky break for me~!

[07:07] AA: Perhaps.

[07:10] AA: Oh man. The Colonel is yelling at me for sneaking twinkies before "Lights Out." I think I've gotta go.

[07:11] AA: But I had fun talking to you! You're cool, even if you are a bit creepy. Mind if I add you to my chumroll?

[07:11] AA: Too late, already added~! ;)

[07:12] AA: Oh. Sorry.

[07:12] AA: I stepped away for a moment.

[07:12] AA: I enjoyed talking to you.

[07:12] AA: It's okay.

[07:12] AA: Me too. We have to do this again sometime.

[07:12] AA: Surely.

[07:12] AA: Hopefully some time you HAVEN'T got that fetch modus. =P

[07:13] AA: I'll keep that in mind.

[07:13] AA: Later, "Other AA."

[07:13] AA: Later.