-- greatTenochtitlan [GT] began trolling aibohphilicGapeseed [AG] at 21:59 --

[09:59] GT: I'm tired of your XHIT NULL

[09:59] AG: w-what shit

[09:59] AG: what the fuck

[09:59] GT: You know I um

[09:59] GT: Have certain feelingx for

[10:00] GT: A well off individual

[10:01] GT: And well um,

[10:01] AG: 'well um'? /==;\

[10:02] GT: Yea,

[10:03] GT: Xo baxcially what I'm xaying ix, back the fuck off

[10:03] AG: ..uhu.. wooow what the fuck

[10:03] AG: dude

[10:03] GT: What

[10:03] AG: I know we haven't exactly gotten along

[10:04] AG: and you haven't had the best of luck with your quadrants at times

[10:04] AG: but are you seriously trying to start a fight over one of those pink skinned freaks

[10:04] AG: like seriously

[10:04] AG: they're like.... weird

[10:04] AG: and squishy

[10:04] GT: We were made for each other. I have money, xhe hax money. I breathe oxygen, xhe prexumably breathex oxygen

[10:04] GT: What if they're vuluptioux xpace Amazonx

[10:05] GT: Ever think of that

[10:05] GT: Bexidex, if xhe turnx out to be ugly in perxon you can have her

[10:05] AG: you know I can just let you look through my viewfinder some time

[10:06] AG: then you can see if she's uhhhhghghhheerghhghh 'voluptuous' or not..........

[10:06] GT: I have the bext telexcope on Alternia

[10:06] GT: Xo no thanx

[10:12] AG: fine then

[10:12] AG: was that it

[10:12] GT: Nah wait

[10:12] GT: Do you have the xeedx I gave you

[10:12] AG: well no

[10:13] AG: seeds go in the ground

[10:13] GT: The fucking cacao xeedx, the chili xeedx?

[10:13] AG: I planted them

[10:13] GT: How are my plantx doing

[10:13] AG: /^_^\ they're doing good. just sprouted

[10:13] GT: Are the cacao podx big, are the pepperx hella xpicy

[10:13] GT: Cuz they better be

[10:13] AG: I'm thinking of alchemizing some fertilizer to make them grow faster

[10:14] GT: NO NO NO

[10:14] AG: nah they're just little sprouts for now /:

[10:14] AG: nonon??

[10:14] GT: You gotta let them grow, pure and unalduterated

[10:14] AG: .....'unadulterated'?

[10:14] GT: None of your weird green thumb xhit

[10:14] GT: Yex, look it up

[10:14] AG: I:<> it's not weird fuck you

[10:14] GT: Whatever, I know you do good xhit with plantx

[10:15] GT: Juxt dont mexx them up ok

[10:16] AG: ugggghhh I won't holy shit

[10:16] AG: what is this cacao shit for anyway

[10:16] GT: None of your buxinexx

[10:16] AG: spicy I understand but from what I can smell the cacao tree is just... bitter

[10:16] GT: I pay you

[10:16] GT: You give me plant

[10:16] GT: The end

[10:16] AG: pffffff fiiiinnnnneeeeee

[10:16] GT: Goodbye

-- greatTenochtitlan [GT] gave up trolling aibohphilicGapeseed [AG] at 22:16 --

[10:19] AG: pff wow rude bye ]:<>