-- gaslampTragedian [GT] began pestering abyssalArrow [AA] at 18:40 --

GT: Good Morning...or is it afternoon

GT: Ugh my head

AA: What is wrong?

GT: Let's just say the green fairy visted me and my brain is protesting her abrupt departure

GT: Judging by the state of my cloths I had another episode.

AA: Episode?

GT: Occasionally I get a bit giddy about something, start drinking and mouthing off inappropriatly

GT: An embaressing problem for a gentleman to confess to...especially one who embraces my lifestyle.

AA: Well, I think if you enjoy something you should do it.

AA: Do you enjoy doing that>

AA: that?*

GT: Yes and that's the problem

AA: Hmmm.

AA: I think that is a shame.

AA: Do you think you do it to escape from the tragedy you otherwise revel in?

GT: I can't say for certain. Why is it a shame?

AA: You are discouraged for one reason or another from doing soemthing you enjoy doing.

GT: You don't have a guilty pleasure?

AA: Hmmm.

AA: I am not ashamed of anything I do, I don't think.

GT: You're not certain?

AA: Well, off of the top of my head, I don't remember feeling shame over something I have done, simply because of the nature of what I was doing.

AA: Perhaps it is because I am so distant.

AA: From society, that is.

GT: Society is not necessary to feel shame...only "others"

AA: Others?

GT: When you are observed intently...the human mind has a delightful reaction

AA: Hmmm.

AA: It has been long since I have been observed.

GT: Imagine for an entire day, a person followed and stared at you wordlessly and expressionlessly...

AA: I am unsure what I would do.

GT: The human brains first instinct is a moment of revelation...the other is observing you and in doing so you have become a discreet object

GT: You can not delude are being compared and analyzed and compartmentalized like any other object

GT: The truth is laid bare and the mind ripples with the faintest distress

AA: I admit, I do feel similar things when being looked upon as prey.

GT: That is what our digusting grey goo brains default to

AA: Perhaps if I ever leave this forest I will be able to experience what you mean.

GT: But this is all digression. What project is on the slab today

AA: I am currently working on preserving the corpse of a wolf, not sure what I will combine it with.

GT: How does wolf hair compare with human hair?

AA: It is rougher. Also, it is not hair, it is fur.

GT: What animal fur is closest to human hair?

AA: Hmm...

AA: That is a difficult question.

AA: But I think I will answer with the cat.

GT: Hmm interesting

GT: Not to hard to get

GT: I need to get going. I have my own project

GT: Adieu...heh heh heh

AA: Goodbye.

-- gaslampTragedian [GT] ceased pestering abyssalArrow [AA] at 20:01 --