[06:43] -- carewornAstrologist [CA] began pestering arcaneArtisan [AA] at 18:43 --

[06:44] CA: Uh- Um...Helloo insufferable human!

[06:44] AA: Hello....unknown....not human?

[06:45] CA: I-is yoo're ration cooling storage device running?

[06:45] AA: I'm not sure what you're talking about!

[06:46] AA: Cooling mean my air conditioner?

[06:46] AA: Oh, wait, refrigerator! I should've totally gotten that.

[06:47] CA: I need to goo. I'm uh- a very busy persoon and...What's an air coonditioner?

[06:47] AA: You're doing some sort of "alien doesn't know english words" thing, right? It's cute.

[06:47] AA: I think I know this joke already, though! But I'll play along.

[06:47] CA: W-what?

[06:47] AA: Yes, my refrigerator is running.

[06:48] CA: Ookay then, better goo catch it!

[06:48] AA: Why yes, you're probably right!

[06:48] CA: I-I think that's how it hopes, right?

[06:48] AA: Yeah, pretty much.

[06:48] CA: Soo- um, I need too goo. KTHNNXBAI oor soomething like that.

[06:49] -- carewornAstrologist [CA] ceased pestering arcaneArtisan [AA] at 18:49 --

[06:49] AA: That was weird!

[06:50] CA: Um, I- I toold yoou I was a busy persoon! Yoou can't pester me!

[06:51] -- carewornAstrologist [CA] ceased pestering arcaneArtisan [AA] at 18:51 --