[14:10] -- chaoticArtist [CA] began trolling aestheticChitin [AC] at 14:10 --

[14:10] CA: hey?

[14:10] AC: heello! 

[14:11] CA: holy ssshit he wasssnt liring

[14:11] CA: your the heiressssss

[14:11] AC: oh yeahh I totes amm !!

[14:12] CA: howsss that life of luxerory for you?

[14:12] AC: I mean itts kinda borrinq and junk mostly

[14:12] CA: doesss it help you forget your going to get brutally murderd?

[14:13] AC: lol noo Im not qonna qett murrdered silly

[14:14] CA: oh what? you plan on wining when the condecessssss comesss for you?

[14:14] CA: jussst like every other "heiressssss"

[14:15] AC: lmao I dont hafta worrry about thhat for a loooooooonqq time

[14:15] AC: like at least

[14:15] AC: uh

[14:16] AC: four sweeps or somme junk?

[14:16] AC: I dunnoo but itll be fiine

[14:16] CA: pleassse dont take thisss the wrong way jussst joking no reassson to sssend an order to cull me

[14:17] AC: lolol yuour silly blue dude

[14:17] CA: um im a girl jussst like you

[14:17] AC: oooohhhhhh

[14:17] AC: Im sorrry

[14:17] AC: blue ladydude!

[14:18] CA: ssso what do you do for hobbiesss

[14:19] AC: oh i looooooooooooooove clothes

[14:19] AC: like

[14:19] AC: if you coulld be

[14:19] AC: totes redrrom for shoees

[14:20] CA: pfffff fassshion isss ssstuiped

[14:20] AC: I would haave all myy quad fiiled up with shooes

[14:20] CA: i mean it often jussst getsss in the way

[14:21] AC: lmoa yeah riqqht ladydude

[14:21] AC: clothes arre toooooootes the besst

[14:21] AC: I eveen make them myselff

[14:22] CA: i mean lassst time i checked everyone wheresss black and the sssame clothesss everyday

[14:22] AC: I make aaaaaallllllll my swaq !!

[14:22] CA: isss it hard?

[14:22] AC: no wayy its supes eassy

[14:23] CA: well waht elssse do you do?

[14:23] AC: like you justt pick the collors you likke and

[14:23] AC: toss emm around and junk

[14:23] CA: i love colorsss

[14:23] CA: but my fave onesss are above me

[14:24] AC: oh man blue ladydude i cann totes make youu some

[14:24] AC: like

[14:24] AC: suuuuuuper hiqh colorr junkk!

[14:24] AC: its like supes leqitq

[14:24] CA: ... i cant do that

[14:25] AC: lol yeah riqqht ladydude

[14:25] AC: oh wait

[14:25] CA: no offenssse im jussst sssure your clothesss would end up getting butend

[14:25] AC: ooihhhhhhhhhhh

[14:25] AC: I qett it

[14:25] AC: see

[14:25] AC: this is my qettinqq it face

[14:25] CA: and you ssshould know i cant wear any colorsss above me

[14:25] CA: i mean sssome people get pisssed off when i get purple paint on my clothesss

[14:26] AC: =:O <--- super qetts it

[14:26] AC: then oh man

[14:26] AC: i know

[14:26] AC: i cann make you like

[14:27] AC: a shirrt just to wear in yurr hiive!

[14:27] CA: ugh why are you ssso disssgussstinly cute

[14:27] CA: dont you have like resssponiplitysss

[14:28] AC: lmao thatts a biqq word witth like

[14:28] AC: totes soooooo many s's

[14:28] AC: alll of the s's

[14:28] CA: psssssssssssssssssssssh

[14:29] AC: sooooooooo many

[14:29] CA: im assssssuming you do other ssstuff then art

[14:30] CA: *clothesss

[14:30] CA: sssorry thinking about other ssstuff right now

[14:30] AC: oh totes off course !!!

[14:31] AC: oh mann ladydude I knoow whats thatts like

[14:31] AC: like

[14:31] AC: when yu qotta just like

[14:31] AC: thinkk about whatt you were doinq beforre

[14:31] AC: uh

[14:32] AC: I think I wass doinq sommethinq beffore you ranqq

[14:32] CA: huh i ssshould probublt tell you my name huh

[14:32] CA: im Alieka

[14:32] AC: lmao totes cooool name ladydude !!!

[14:33] AC: mine is Maenam

[14:33] AC: =:D <- supes exccite to meett yu

[14:33] CA: jussst call me dude if your not usssing my name and yesss i know everyone on and off the planet knowsss that

[14:34] AC: lmao okay ladyduude

[14:34] AC: i mean

[14:34] AC: dude

[14:34] AC: lmao

[14:34] CA: i hope im not being to forward in asssking thisss but... do you have a ssspecial troll you hate?

[14:35] AC: lmao noooooooo

[14:35] CA: huh why not?

[14:36] AC: thaats all troll hollywood junnk

[14:36] AC: peeps dont hatte other peeeps

[14:36] CA: 0.0 your kidding right

[14:37] AC: lolol of courrse not dude !!!

[14:37] CA: you could litterly not exissst if there wasssnt trollsss who hated eachother

[14:37] AC: lol ohh yeah thatt silly drone thinq

[14:37] AC: i tried readinq abouut it once

[14:37] AC: tooooootes borrinq]


[14:38] AC: liek suuuuuuper borrinq

[14:38] AC: yup like

[14:38] AC: borrinq

[14:38] AC: to the maxx

[14:39] CA: trollsss get CULLED over that "sssilly drone" thing

[14:39] CA: do you really not care at all???

[14:40] AC: lmao dudde no one actually GETTS culled

[14:40] AC: my lususs told me that like two sweeps aqqo

[14:41] AC: =<:O <- totes rememberred what she wass doinq beforre beinqq messaqed

[14:42] AC: I was qoinq to feed himm !!

[14:42] CA: .....

[14:42] AC: ohh man I better qett qoinq duude

[14:42] CA: have you been messssssing with me thisss whole time

[14:43] AC: hes qonna bee SUUUUUPES cranky and junk

[14:43] AC: lmoa your sttill silly dude

[14:43] CA: oh ssshit isss your lusssusss that one that killsss usss it it ssspeaksss

[14:43] AC: uhhhhhhh

[14:43] AC: i dont thiink he does that sorta thinnq but

[14:44] CA: or did you take a different one?

[14:44] AC: I mean he only talkks to me in my dreeams so

[14:44] CA: lisssten i dont keep up with troll gossssssip

[14:44] AC: lmao i shouuld lend you myy maqs sometimes theen

[14:45] CA: are you an heiressssss that took the one that killsss usss if it ssspeaksss like the condessssss ot another one

[14:45] AC: lmao maybe?

[14:45] AC: i betterr qo and feed him jusst in case

[14:45] CA: sssigh ok

[14:45] CA: bye

[14:46] AC: dawww bye Alieka dude !!!!

[14:46] -- chaoticArtist [CA] gave up trolling aestheticChitin [AC] at 14:46 --