[03:19] -- guardianSentinel [GS] began trolling conciseTactician [CT] at 15:19 --

[03:19] GS: yo

[03:19] CT: Greetings.

[03:19] GS: what's up?

[03:19] GS: i mean like

[03:20] GS: how's life

[03:20] CT: Oh, nothing UNUSUAL.

[03:20] GS: so basically playing viddeogames and being grumpy?

[03:21] CT: Of course.

[03:21] GS: ok

[03:21] GS: just thought i'd check in

[03:21] CT: Unfortunatly, of late, I have been CALLED UPON to make several apperances.

[03:21] GS: where?

[03:21] GS: and why?

[03:22] CT: Oh, just little GET TOGETHERS. More like pissing contests if you ask ME.

[03:22] GS: with who?

[03:22] GS: i'm assuming Null was there

[03:22] CT: The other Nobles. Of course the Peseant blood could NOT attend.

[03:23] GS: Dude, no need to rip on Null because of her blood color.

[03:23] GS: She's pretty cool

[03:23] CT: I do not "rip", I state FACT.

[03:23] GS: saying "peasant blood" like that is still kinda not cool

[03:24] CT: Of course, force of habit.

[03:24] GS: I mean, you guys have known each other for sweeps

[03:24] GS: I think you would be accustomed to calling her by name

[03:25] CT: And? I rarely speak to her, and my speech is much more MODIFIED for the others of my caste.

[03:26] GS: You should talk to her more.

[03:26] GS: She's pretty cool.

[03:26] CT: I would, if time PERMITTED.

[03:27] GS: What's takin up your time?

[03:27] CT: The afformentioned PISSING CONTESTS.

[03:27] GS: Oh right.

[03:28] GS: What are they pissing about, anyways?

[03:28] GS: Or rather, who are they pissing on?

[03:28] CT: Oh, just trying to ONE UP EACH OTHER.

[03:28] CT: It is a FIGURE OF SPEECH.

[03:28] GS: I know.

[03:28] GS: I was making a joke.

[03:29] GS: They're fun, you should try it sometime.

[03:29] CT: I do not think that is in my FORESEEABLE future.

[03:30] GS: Well, you never know.

[03:30] GS: The future isn't set.

[03:30] CT: Depends on your point of VEIW.

[03:31] GS: Well my point of view is that you're being grumpy

[03:32] GS: Grumpier than usual, I mean.

[03:32] CT: What can I say, I feel rather DRAINED.

[03:32] GS: Those pissing contents are takin it out of you, huh?

[03:33] GS: You're getting all competitive with Alieka, aren't you?

[03:33] CT: That's a fair assumption.

[03:34] CT: That was not.

[03:34] CT: I spoke to the Indigo Blood ONCE before, but not since.

[03:35] GS: So, anything else going on?

[03:35] CT: Not so much.

[03:36] CT: What of you? How are the NORTHERN WASTES

[03:36] GS: Oh, you know

[03:36] GS: cold

[03:36] GS: empty

[03:36] GS: it's nice

[03:36] GS: very...

[03:36] GS: quiet

[03:36] CT: It sounds FAVORIBLE.

[03:36] GS: It is.

[03:37] GS: I have a lot of free time.

[03:37] GS: Speaking of, wanna play some videogames?

[03:37] CT: I would LOVE to, but Erndad just arrived.

[03:37] GS: Ok.

[03:38] GS: Well, I'll talk to you later.

[03:38] GS: And remember, you can always talk to me.

[03:38] CT: Right.

[03:38] CT: I will see you then.

[03:38] GS: Bye!

[03:38] GS: ( :c

[03:38] -- guardianSentinel[GS] gave up trolling conciseTactician [CT] at 15:38 --