[11:06] -- abyssalArrow [AA] began pestering galactoidArrival [GA] at 23:06 --

[11:07] AA: We have not spoken yet.

[11:07] GA: no, we havent

[11:07] AA: Hello.

[11:07] GA: hi

[11:07] GA: so, are you a troll?

[11:07] AA: No, but I was coming to ask you what you knew about them.

[11:07] GA: oh

[11:07] GA: well

[11:07] GA: not much really

[11:08] GA: theyre just weirdos who some people i know have been complaining about

[11:08] GA: and they know our chumhandles somehow

[11:08] GA: thats about it

[11:08] AA: The mystery further eludes me.

[11:08] GA: why?

[11:08] AA: They have been bothering myself and some friends of mine.

[11:08] GA: oh

[11:08] GA: that sucks

[11:08] AA: I was hoping to find out a bit more.

[11:09] AA: But it is interesting that you have heard about them.

[11:09] GA: so who are you anyway

[11:09] GA: im doir

[11:09] AA: I am Kate.

[11:09] GA: hello kate

[11:09] AA: My apologies, I am told I get off on the topic before introducing myself.

[11:09] GA: its okay

[11:09] GA: i get off topic a lot too

[11:09] AA: I hope I am not intruding on your time.

[11:09] GA: no, not at all

[11:10] GA: i was just doodling and listening to music

[11:10] AA: You draw?

[11:10] GA: yeah, but im just an amateur

[11:11] AA: We must all start somewhere.

[11:11] GA: thanks

[11:11] GA: what do you like to do?

[11:11] AA: I am a hunter and a taxidermist.

[11:11] GA: cool

[11:12] GA: whats the biggest thing youve killed?

[11:12] AA: Well.

[11:13] AA: That is hard to say.

[11:13] AA: But I think if I were to narrow it down to a species I'd say a stag.

[11:13] GA: cool

[11:13] GA: there are woods near where i live, but i dont think going in them would be such a good idea

[11:14] GA: and im not sure how effective my axe would be against wild animals

[11:14] AA: It depends on the axe, I'm sure.

[11:14] GA: yeah, and the wielder

[11:15] GA: and i dont get much practice, unfortunately

[11:15] GA: well,

[11:15] GA: nice to meet you kate!

[11:16] AA: Nice to meet you too.

[11:16] GA: cya!

[11:16] AA: Goodbye.

[11:17] -- galactoidArrival [GA] ceased pestering abyssalArrow [AA] at 23:17 --