-- glowingApparatus [GA] began trolling artsyGeekstress [AG] at 19:06 --

[07:06] AG: hi stranger

[07:07] GA: Hello?

[07:07] AG: whats shakin

[07:07] GA: Shaking? Not much i( shaking with me. You? )

[07:09] AG: not much here either

[07:09] AG: just chillin in my hive

[07:10] AG: so tell me somethin about urselph

[07:11] GA: My(elf? Uh...

[07:11] GA: *)

[07:12] GA: I'm currently building a catapult I gue((. ))

[07:12] GA: (o tha'( a thing. ))

[07:12] GA: *that'( )

[07:12] AG: catapult?

[07:12] AG: why?

[07:13] GA: I want to try and figure out how.

[07:13] AG: seems legit

[07:13] GA: A( that la(t one I made broke down upon it'( fir(t fire. ))))

[07:13] AG: thats a shame

[07:14] AG: what are you aiming at

[07:14] GA: Nothing in particular. atm.

[07:15] GA: It depend( on if the troll( next door decide to (tart partying at three am again though. ))

[07:15] AG: lolz hope that wasn't me

[07:15] GA: ?

[07:16] GA: Do you think it would be you?

[07:19] AG: well i do tend to party

[07:20] GA: I (ee. )

[07:20] GA: Have you ever partyed in a ugly hive covered in (atellite dishe(? ))

[07:20] AG: ha

[07:20] AG: no

[07:21] AG: as iph i would ever party in a place so tacky

[07:21] GA: Then I think you're (afe. )

[07:21] GA: It i( incredibly tacky. )

[07:22] AG: phor sure

[07:22] GA: (o anything fun up with you? )

[07:24] AG: not really

[07:24] AG: i started a painting today

[07:24] AG: that was phun

[07:24] GA: What of?

[07:25] AG: sunset

[07:25] AG: i love the colors

[07:25] GA: You can (tand looking at the (un? ))

[07:25] GA: You're a much braver troll than I am.

[07:26] AG: its worth withstanding the sun phor a couple moments to get a good picture to paint later

[07:26] AG: just phor the colors

[07:29] GA: Hold on one moment.

[07:29] GA: Ew, my lu(u( ju(t burrowed up from underground. )))

[07:29] AG: mine's away right now

[07:30] GA: With a chunk of... meat... (tuff in hi( mouth. ))

[07:30] GA: Where'( your( at? ))

[07:33] GA: Or doe( your( ju(t go away from time to time? ))

[07:33] AG: ((not really sure what my lusus is yet))

[07:33] GA: ((okay sure, no problem))

[07:35] AG: mine doesn't really stick around much

[07:35] AG: which is phine by me

[07:35] AG: it leaves the house open phor other activities

[07:35] GA: Like partying?

[07:36] AG: exactly

[07:36] AG: and large scale art projects

[07:38] GA: Large (cale project(? Now you're talking my language. ))

[07:38] GA: My entire hive i( pretty much one giant project. )

[07:40] AG: yes! me too

[07:40] AG: i've done something to almost every surphace oph my home

[07:40] GA: Ye(! Exactly! )

[07:41] GA: I have cable( and pulley( (et up all over my hive. )))

[07:41] GA: I take it that you have paint and/or painting(? )

[07:41] AG: that sounds super awesome

[07:41] AG: yeah i use paint a lot

[07:42] AG: but i'm also a huge phan oph unconventional materials

[07:42] GA: Like what?

[07:42] AG: like i have a mosaic oph broken glass on my bathroom ceiling

[07:43] GA: That( (ound( cool! )))

[07:44] GA: Different coloured gla((? ))

[07:44] AG: yup

[07:45] AG: i just took all my empty liquor bottles and broke them all and made a collage

[07:46] GA: That is definitely and idea I can get behind.

[07:47] AG: it looks really awesome

[07:47] GA: So many troll( leave their hive( a( they made them when they were wiggler( and they ju(t look awful. )))))

[07:48] GA: Like that (atellite guy. )

[07:48] AG: it was also pretty phun cuz i had to go around phor about a month and buy booze in diphpherent colored bottles. phound some raelly good ones

[07:48] AG: yeah

[07:48] AG: i don't get why you would just leave it when you have so much phreedom to make it into something amazing

[07:49] GA: How many bottle( did it take? )

[07:51] GA: And yeah! The (tagnant (tate of other hive( doe(n't make (en(e to me either. ))))))

[07:52] AG: it took about phiphty to get enough oph all the right colors

[07:54] GA: Fifty? Wow.

[07:54] AG: i didn't use all the peices though

[07:54] AG: i'm trying to come up with something to do with the rest oph them

[07:55] GA: Like the bottle neck( and (tuff?

[07:55] GA: *))

[07:56] AG: bottlnecks, shards that were too small, and lephtover colors and stuphph like that

[07:57] GA: Hrm.

[07:57] GA: I'm not (ure what you could do with tho(e. ))

[07:59] AG: i'll phigure something out

[07:59] GA: I'll let you know if I can come up with anything.

[08:00] AG: that would be great

[08:00] AG: so besides catapults what other things do you make?

[08:01] GA: Mo(tly mining equipment. And (tuff to prop up the mine(. And (tuff to get around in the mine(. ))))

[08:02] GA: It'( been a while (ince I've made anything for fun I think. ))

[08:04] AG: what do you mine?

[08:05] GA: Whatever I need to work on my current project, u(ually. )

[08:05] GA: I mainly ju(t like (pending time in the cave(. )))

[08:06] AG: you like caves

[08:06] AG: ?

[08:06] GA: Yeah.

[08:07] GA: My lu(u( (pend( a lot of time underground, (o I u(ed to follow him in a lot. ))))))

[08:08] GA: I gue(( I got u(ed to them. )))

[08:10] AG: i gotta be honest i was never one phor caves

[08:13] GA: No?

[08:13] GA: They aren't for everyone I gue((.

[08:14] GA: *))

[08:16] AG: i mean i think they're cool and all but i wouldn't even spend more than a phew hours in one

[08:18] GA: Yeah, I get that.

[08:18] GA: They can be pretty monotonou(. )

[08:19] AG: they're just so dark

[08:19] GA: Yeah, the darkne(( is (omething I could definitely do without. )))

[08:20] GA: I've got a fair portion of them lit up though.

[08:21] AG: that good then

[08:21] GA: Anyway, I (hould probably get going. )

[08:22] AG: i'd just be scared oph getting lost. i bet you know them really well tough

[08:22] GA: Yeah, I've gotten to know them pretty well.

[08:22] GA: Apparently one of the trap( in the cave( wa( ju(t (et off. ))))

[08:23] GA: It'( (till (cary going into new place( though. )))

[08:23] GA: *))))

[08:23] AG: ha i bet

[08:23] AG: i gotta go though

[08:23] GA: I'll talk to you later I gue((? ))

[08:23] AG: absolutely!

[08:23] GA: Bye!

[08:23] AG: i look phoreward to it :)

[08:23] AG: bye

-- artsyGeekstress [AG] gave up trolling glowingApparatus [GA] at 20:23 --