[08:08] -- aetherealAxolotl [AA] began pestering arcaneArtisan [AA] at 20:08 --

[08:08] AA: Hey!

[08:08] AA: It's moss.

[08:31] AA: Hi!

[08:31] AA: Wow, yet another AA.

[08:31] AA: Just like Kate.

[08:31] AA: Yeah, A is pretty much the best letter

[08:31] AA: first one for a reason

[08:32] AA: We are in agreement!

[08:32] AA: so uh

[08:32] AA: have you heard about sburb

[08:32] AA: because my sis has been raving about it all week

[08:32] AA: dont know what her deal is

[08:33] AA: Only rumors. I had a dream that Kate asked me to play and started talking all SPOOKY about it, but Kate talks spooky about everything.

[08:33] AA: my sis described it as "LIFE-CHANGING MOSS DO YOU REALIZE THIS"

[08:33] AA: but she also said that for every game

[08:34] AA: What's it even about?

[08:34] AA: from what i could glean in between her despera- i mean her talking, i guess its just some simulation game

[08:34] AA: great for me, simulation games are my favorite

[08:34] AA: Oh, I like those too.

[08:35] AA: Should be fun then!

[08:35] AA: Yeah.

[08:35] AA: She mentioned when it would come out but i dont exactly remember

[08:35] AA: do you happen to know?

[08:35] AA: No clue. Some people have been talking like it would be soon, but I haven't seen any screenshots or anything.

[08:36] AA: huh

[08:36] AA: You would think a big game would have more details leaked by now!

[08:37] AA: yeah i've seen a real lack of any inform- i mean really they haven't released much

[08:37] AA: acutally wait

[08:37] AA: i dont even remember the name of the studio that makes it

[08:38] AA: I guess they're trying to keep it ~~SUPER SECRET~~. Like a butler trying to hide his tattoos.

[08:38] AA: hahah, this game remains an enigm- a mystery. its either gonna be really great or absolutely terrible

[08:39] AA: either way im interested

[08:39] AA: Maybe it'll be both, like that one game where you play a surgeon and everyone loves the surgeon gameplay, but half the game is spent filling out paperwork.

[08:40] AA: hahah yeah

[08:40] AA: just i hope the majority of the game isnt that monoto- boring

[08:41] AA: Yes, monoto-boring games are the worst. =P

[08:41] AA: god im sorry i just

[08:41] AA: i dont want to come off the wrong way

[08:41] AA: its like

[08:41] AA: I'm just teasing Moss!

[08:41] AA: alright alright

[08:42] AA: but from what i could understand from my sis

[08:42] AA: its like

[08:42] AA: building shit?

[08:42] AA: Oh, like that mining game the internet goes crazy for?

[08:42] AA: but possibly a little action too...

[08:42] AA: oh yeah.. what's its name

[08:43] AA: uh

[08:44] AA: Dig n' Build?

[08:44] AA: Unearth n' Make?

[08:44] AA: i thought it was Exhumemanufacture

[08:44] AA: but uh

[08:44] AA: Might be. I haven't actually played it.

[08:44] AA: yeah.

[08:44] AA: id much rather like, just be boarding or something

[08:45] AA: What do you mean?

[08:45] AA: i usually cant dedica- i mean i cant like, put enough of my time into playing a game

[08:45] AA: Oh, I see. Yeah, with all my art projects I don't get enough time to sink into big games like Exhumemanufacture either.

[08:46] AA: im pretty sure sburb is gonna be sweet though

[08:46] AA: im already signed up for the beta, how about you?

[08:47] AA: I didn't even know there was going to be a public beta! Where did you sign up?

[08:47] AA: okay to be honest my sis signed me up for it...

[08:47] AA: i really have no idea

[08:47] AA: Oh. Ask her if she can email me a link.

[08:47] AA: alright i will[

[08:48] AA: Maybe we can all play together! It could be fun!

[08:48] AA: yeah! she told me it was multiplayer- my favorite

[08:48] AA: i really cant play any game that isnt multiplayer

[08:48] AA: Keen. We're making this happen.

[08:49] AA: We just have to make sure everyone else signs up, too.

[08:49] AA: are we truly, forcing this to transpire?

[08:49] AA: alright

[08:49] AA: well

[08:49] AA: uh im

[08:49] AA: im kind of tired and stressed from school today

[08:49] AA: so uh

[08:50] AA: see you

[08:50] AA: Ouch. That sounds rough. Yeah, I'll see you later.

[08:50] AA: I should probably go too before the Colonel starts shouting about "Lights out."

[08:50] AA: He's like a particularly tenacious pitball about that.

[08:50] AA: Later!

[08:50] AA: bye