[10:33] GT: Yo

[10:33] AG: hey

[10:33] GT: Feo what'x up you drunken xot

[10:34] GT: What'x cookin in the kitchen

[10:34] AG: um

[10:35] GT: What?

[10:35] AG: that was

[10:35] AG: a little insensitive

[10:35] AG: anyway not much

[10:35] GT: I thought we were cool

[10:35] AG: i never said we weren't

[10:35] GT: Like, remember we got together and got drunk/high

[10:36] GT: Alxo, how the hell do you drink that xtuff

[10:36] GT: It buuuurnx

[10:37] AG: yeah but its the best

[10:37] AG: and i don't remember that

[10:37] AG: sorry

[10:37] GT: Haha, I barely do too

[10:37] GT: The peyote ixn't kind to memoriex

[10:38] GT: Xo anywayx, how are you doing?

[10:40] GT: What'x crackalackin

[10:41] AG: i'm phine

[10:42] GT: Only fine? You practicing your kickaxx archery?

[10:43] GT: Becauxe that xhit ix really cool

[10:44] AG: agreed

[10:45] GT: Hey, you wanna come down to Troll Mexico and vixit xometimex? You're one of the few people higher than me who I don't want to punch/rip heartx out of

[10:47] AG: troll mexico?

[10:48] GT: Yea

[10:48] AG: that a weird name phor a place

[10:48] GT: X'where I live, remember?

[10:48] AG: kinda creepy iph you ask me

[10:48] GT: Creepy?

[10:48] AG: yeah i mean

[10:48] GT: :( Troll Mexico ix hella cool

[10:49] AG: troll is kindophph a given

[10:49] AG: wtph is not troll mexico

[10:50] GT: You don't like pyramidx, xpicy pepperx, junglex and ritual ball gamex?

[10:50] GT: C'mon Feo don't be a chump like the xnarky highbloodx

[10:53] GT: Are you even lixtening

[10:53] AG: sorry

[10:53] AG: got distracted

[10:53] GT: By the booze, no doubt

[10:53] AG: i'm sure its awesome

[10:53] AG: um no

[10:53] AG: i don't drink alone

[10:54] GT: I wax joking

[10:54] AG: i'm not actually drunk all the time

[10:54] GT: You know that I know you're not

[10:54] AG: i kinda don't though

[10:54] GT: It'x called comedic exaggeration

[10:54] AG: i mean i don't even remember you

[10:54] GT: :|

[10:55] GT: Wow, am I that fucking boring?

[10:55] AG: ha

[10:55] GT: Haha, you kinda are hard to get exited

[10:55] AG: that wasn't the problem

[10:55] GT: How are the paintingx coming along

[10:56] GT: Xtill uh.... intrexting ax uxual?

[10:58] GT: The laxt time I xaw them I didn't know quite of what to make of them

[11:00] AG: the sunsets

[11:00] AG: ?

[11:00] AG: what can i say i love the colors

[11:01] GT: Yea uh,

[11:01] GT: I like them too I guexx

[11:01] AG: ha don't even lie

[11:02] AG: the sun isn't much oph a phriend to trolls is it

[11:02] GT: Well

[11:02] GT: That'x what I like about your paintingx

[11:02] GT: We uxually never get to xee the damn thing

[11:03] GT: Xo it'x nice to look at without getting teminal xkin cancer and blindnexx

[11:03] AG: iph you like the painting you should see the rest oph my hive

[11:03] AG: the painting are just the tip oph the iceburg

[11:04] GT: Really?

[11:04] AG: yeah i like to personalize my hive

[11:04] AG: in every way possibl

[11:04] AG: e

[11:05] GT: Really? I have xtatuex and a telexcope and bonex hanging on my rexpiteblock wallx

[11:05] AG: thats cool

[11:05] AG: i like bones

[11:06] AG: i have a bone sculpture somewhere in my hive

[11:06] AG: i made it about a halph a sweep back

[11:07] GT: Woa

[11:07] GT: Where do you get them? I kinda do xome xacrificex

[11:08] AG: thats awephul

[11:09] GT: What

[11:09] GT: It'x not that bad...

[11:09] AG: wut seriously?

[11:10] AG: sacriphices

[11:10] GT: My dumb axx xubjectx think they're going to live with Quetzaltrollatl or xome xhit

[11:10] AG: subjects.

[11:10] GT: Yea

[11:10] GT: I'm the cheiftain of Troll Mexico

[11:11] GT: I never told you?

[11:11] AG: you're the cheiphtain oph troll mexico

[11:11] AG: and you sacraphice your subjects

[11:11] GT: Gotta keep the order dude

[11:12] GT: Bexidex, THEY axk for it, not me

[11:12] AG: holy shit you're worse than the high bloods

[11:12] GT: They think they need xacrificex to keep the cropx going


[11:12] GT: I wax born into thix xyxtem

[11:12] GT: It benefitx me

[11:13] GT: Xo I leave it alone

[11:13] AG: like i said

[11:13] AG: no better than the high bloods

[11:13] GT: Haha, oh really

[11:13] AG: just because its the system you were born into and in beniphits you doesn't mean it right

[11:13] GT: Wow, I thought we had thix lowblood brotherhood thing going

[11:13] AG: how can you hate high bloods and still act like them

[11:14] AG: you have no phuckin clue what its like to be a lowblood

[11:14] GT: Alxo, like I xaid THEY WANT THIX. They're all redbloodx anywayx

[11:14] GT: Not me

[11:14] AG: not iph you have a country phull oph will sacraphices

[11:14] GT: If I xtopped, xomeone elxe would juxt kick me out and take my place

[11:14] GT: and do the exact xame thing

[11:14] AG: your justiphication is shit dude

[11:15] GT: You don't even know. Thexe xtupid axx xuperxtitoux peaxantx xent xome chump to my pyramid all tied up

[11:16] GT: And the idiot ix obviouxly xhitting himxelf but XTILL XMILING

[11:16] AG: thats horrible!

[11:16] GT: Thexe xhitxtainx conxider it an honor

[11:16] AG: and you indulge their ignorance?

[11:16] AG: why?

[11:16] AG: whats in it phor you?

[11:17] GT: Being royalty, and not getting kicked out xo the highbloodx can xhank me up the axx

[11:17] GT: Xeriouxly, I rarely leave Troll Mexico beacauxe all I get ix trouble when I do

[11:18] GT: And xo they put you on the top of the xacrificial pyramid and tie the guy up and you have to CUT OPEN HIX HEART AND RIP IT OUT


[11:19] GT: I almoxt threw up the firxt few timex

[11:20] AG: ugh you're dispicaple

[11:20] GT: I wouldn't expect you to underxtand

[11:20] GT: You're cool Feo, but you aren't THAT cool

[11:21] AG: phuck you

[11:21] GT: You think I enjoy it?

[11:21] AG: yes

[11:21] GT: Really? You really think xo?

[11:21] AG: yeah i phuckin do you asshole

[11:21] AG: even iph you don't enjoy it

[11:21] GT: :|

[11:21] AG: you don't care

[11:22] GT: I care

[11:22] AG: not enough to try to do something

[11:22] GT: I can't

[11:22] AG: don't gimme that bullshit

[11:22] GT: You xhow any xign of weaknexx, you're outta there

[11:22] GT: Have fun licking the xhit off the purpleblood'x boot

[11:23] GT: I never even did anything to you Feo

[11:23] AG: not to me no

[11:23] AG: neither did 'troll hitler'

[11:23] GT: Hot damn I'm xorry thix ix why I never talk about thexe thingx

[11:24] GT: :(

[11:24] GT: I'm fucking xorry ok

[11:25] GT: I'm not Troll Hitler either

[11:25] AG: troll hitler doesn't exist

[11:26] AG: hitler is probably some wierd horrible person phrom another universe phar away that also totally doesn't exist

[11:26] GT: The point ix, I've killed like, 15-20 people max

[11:27] GT: And they all were literally axking for it


[11:27] AG: oh my god i don't phucking care

[11:27] GT: Yex you do

[11:28] GT: Whatever

[11:28] GT: Xorry

[11:29] AG: i don't care about your excuses. i think you're awephul.

[11:29] AG: and with that i leave you.

[11:29] AG: goodnight

[11:29] GT: :(

[11:29] GT: Bye Feo

-- greatTenochtitlan [GT] gave up trolling artsyGeekstress [AG] at 23:29 --