[08:22] -- chaoticArtist [CA] began trolling conciseTactician [CT] at 20:22 --

[08:22] CA: hey are you thisss balisssh guy

[08:22] CT: Oh? And who may YOU be?

[08:22] CA: i told your friend you a dick ssso i got to figure out if itsss true

[08:23] CT: EXCUSE me?

[08:23] -- chaoticArtist [CA] changed their mood to MANIPULATIVE --

[08:23] CT: Is that what you THINK?

[08:24] CA: i dont know i wasss jussst messssssing with him trying to sssound baddassssss to random trollsss

[08:24] CT: I see.

[08:24] CA: figure id sssay i knew you

[08:24] CA: then the jerk copied down my trolltag

[08:24] CT: Comendible, appearing strong to OTHERS.

[08:25] CA: more like i wasss jussst bored

[08:25] CT: I can understand the DECISION.

[08:25] CA: ssso .... are you an asssssshole

[08:25] CT: Not in MY opinions.

[08:25] CT: Who did you SPEAK TO?

[08:26] CA: sssome guy that makesss moviesss and fightsss namesss sssomething with a k

[08:26] CT: Ahh.

[08:26] CT: The self-proclaimed MESSIAH.

[08:26] CT: I SEE.

[08:26] CA: /

[08:26] CA: ?

[08:27] CT: Disregaurd my comment.

[08:27] CT: So, you know who I am, which gives me the DISSADVANTAGE.

[08:28] CA: Alieka and you are exatly disssproving your lable

[08:29] CT: Your name is familiar...

[08:29] CT: Are you an INDEGO BLOOD?

[08:29] CA: ..........

[08:29] CA: well letsss sssee what color am i writing in

[08:29] CT: I think I've heard of your... EXPLOITS.

[08:30] CT: Some of the other Royals wished to... TEST your ability.

[08:30] CA: ? and which of my expoloitsss are you talking about

[08:31] CT: You FIGHT, do you not?

[08:32] CA: oh *rollsss eyesss* did one of the purple bloodsss run back with hisss buldge retracted whining about me

[08:32] CT: They wanted to GATHER a mob.

[08:33] CT: And burn you, AT A STAKE I assume.

[08:33] CA: oh boohoo

[08:33] CA: i beat whoever your talking about fair and sssquare

[08:34] CT: Good. He's an ASS.

[08:35] CA: jussst to be clear who are we talking about and how doesss he claim i cheated

[08:35] CT: Another Purpleblood, ehh... Waiken or something like that PERHAPS? He doesn't claim you cheated, he merely wishes to HEAR YOU SCREAM, as he described it.

[08:36] CA: ...

[08:37] CT: I wouldn't worry, MUCH.

[08:37] CA: OH i remeber that guy

[08:38] CT: He's harmless ENOUGH, full of hot wind in a HEAD TOO LARGE.

[08:38] CA: he sssaid sssome ssshit about my assssss

[08:39] CA: hope the mark i left ssstill hurtsss

[08:39] CT: Ha, EXCELLENT. You are AMUSING.

[08:44] CT: I must APOLOGISE for his actions though, it reflects POORLY on our CASTE.

[08:47] CA: heh maybe our arnt a dick

[08:48] CT: To you perhaps, unless you ALSO would like to say how SELF RITEOUS I am for following the Hemospectrum.

[08:49] CA: .... are you?

[08:50] CT: What self righteous for following a system that has been in place for MELLENIUM? I would say no.

[08:51] CA: .... how do you feel about me being a blood lower

[08:51] CT: You? You are a Highblood.

[08:51] CT: If I am seen speaking to you I would not be TARRED and FEATHERED.

[08:51] CA: and amsssuing like a pet or like a troll

[08:52] CT: All on the Hemospectrum are trolls.

[08:52] CT: The difference is only WHAT THE OTHERS see.

[08:53] CA: .... what about jade bloodsss

[08:54] CT: I would not speak to one in PUBLIC. That is too close to SYMPATHIZING. That is too close to WEAKNESS. A weak Purple Blood is a DEAD purple blood.

[08:55] CA: ssso... fight or die

[08:56] CT: Excuse me? It is more like WEAR a MASK in the LIGHT.

[08:58] CA: masssk?

[08:59] CT: FACADE. Most Purple Bloods are strong, not clever.

[08:59] CT: WELL WATCHED WORDS can forever hide anything to them.

[09:00] CT: Speaking of THEM, it seems there is going to be ANOTHER HANGING.

[09:00] CA: huh i guessssss im lucky im ssstrong and sssmart

[09:01] CT: I must make an APPEARENCE. I take my leave, good luck with the Wiaket, or whatever, problem.

[09:02] CT: Good bye, Alieka, I hope to SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN some time.

[09:03] -- conciseTactician [CT] gave up trolling chaoticArtist [CA] at 21:03 --