[06:24] -- someDude [RC] began trolling aibohphilicGapeseed [AG] at 18:24 --

[06:25] RC: Sooooo whatcha doing? <3

[06:26] AG: er, I think that's my line

[06:26] AG: I mean. Who is this?

[06:26] RC: Hee hee, a *friend* <3

[06:27] RC: so, what *are* you doing, sugar? <3

[06:27] AG: huh.. sorry, I don't think I know anyone with your blood colour.....? I don't think they even /make/ blood that colour to be honest

[06:28] AG: are you sure you don't have the wrong handle

[06:28] RC: *I*'m not a troll, like you. and *I* think *I* have the right one! <3

[06:28] RC: You're Nullar-chan, right? <3

[06:29] AG: 'not a troll' /o_O\;;

[06:29] AG: I'm Nullar, yeah, but chan isn't my after name

[06:29] AG: it's Etrors.

[06:30] RC: hee hee, you must not watch much anime, silly. <3

[06:30] AG: I watch, uh, other things

[06:30] RC: liiiiiiike? <3

[06:31] AG: other.... forms...... of media

[06:31] AG: let's say

[06:31] RC: liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike? <3

[06:31] AG: interactive media

[06:31] AG: it's

[06:31] RC: ooh <3

[06:31] AG: it's totally not important

[06:31] RC: do you play games? <3

[06:31] AG: yeah! well. a little. sometimes.

[06:31] RC: *I*'m such a gamer nerd. *I* have like, 100 carrots on farmville. <3

[06:32] AG: ): carrots?

[06:32] AG: farmville?

[06:32] RC: it's a game the humans have been playing a lot apparently <3

[06:32] AG: h...oh. well that does sound, uh, quite prestigious

[06:33] RC: *I* know right. <3

[06:33] AG: I used to do a lot of flarping

[06:33] AG: but lately I just like to focus on my garden />>\;

[06:34] AG: it's a bit more peaceful, that's for sure

[06:34] RC: Except *I* bet Slothmom eats everything. <3

[06:35] AG: .... ):>> w-w-w-woh od--

[06:35] AG: ):>> !!

[06:35] AG: how do you know me again

[06:35] RC: *I* have watched you for a long time, Nullar-chan. <3

[06:35] RC: *I*'ve decided you get to be my Knight in Shining Armor! <3

[06:36] AG: sorry I was busy

[06:36] AG: shuddering

[06:36] AG: so you're.... be right back I have to... look around my hive

[06:37] RC: have fun! *I* will be watching <3

[06:40] AG: okay

[06:40] AG: so

[06:40] AG: this is a really mean joke

[06:40] AG: and you should feel bad ):>>

[06:40] RC: Why should *I* feel bad? *I* just watched you tear through your hive, trying to figure me out. :) <3

[06:40] AG: !!!

[06:42] AG: You know, this is awful and you're terrible and SIHT SI A YLLAER NAEM EKOJ DNA UOY DLUOHS LEEF DAB

[06:42] AG: KCUF

[06:42] AG: I NA--- I MEAN

[06:42] AG: fuck ):>>

[06:42] RC: *I*t's not a joke, Nullar-chan! <3

[06:43] RC: *I*'m kind of like your guardian angel <3

[06:43] AG: I just

[06:43] AG: I just really don't like the idea!!!

[06:43] AG: that someone's watching me!! why would you be watching me?

[06:43] AG: what do I need guardianing from anyway, HUH?

[06:43] RC: The Thief <3

[06:45] AG: the thief? /=___=\ is someone coming after my precious thornberries again???

[06:46] RC: No, they're coming after you <3

[06:46] RC: what is the word you trolls use? <3

[06:46] RC: "Culling"? <3

[06:46] RC: Yes <3

[06:46] RC: He's coming to cull you. <3

[06:47] AG: sorry

[06:47] AG: I was busy

[06:47] AG: shuddering again

[06:47] AG: ):>>

[06:47] AG: why would anyone want to cull me? I haven't pissed anyone off.... lately....?


[07:01] AG: this is a weird and awful conversation ):>>

[07:01] RC: No it's not <3

[07:01] RC: *I*'m having fun <3

[07:01] RC: which means it's great <3

[07:01] AG: well that does make one of us

[07:01] AG: /=_=\;;

[07:01] AG: so

[07:01] AG: mind clueing me in

[07:02] AG: on how a little ol' rustblood like me could possibly help an omniscient AKJHDKAJFHAF

[07:03] RC: Hee hee <3

[07:03] RC: well, i can't tell you too much <3

[07:03] RC: or the thief might catch wise <3

[07:04] AG: ...............

[07:04] AG: can

[07:04] AG: can the thief

[07:04] AG: uh

[07:04] RC: but you're going to get a free game soon! <3

[07:04] AG: ):>>

[07:04] AG: n-n-n-

[07:04] AG: nac eht fei--- CAN THE THIEF SEE ME TOO? D:>>


[07:05] RC: *I*f he looks for you <3

[07:05] RC: but *I* don't think he is yet <3

[07:05] AG: /;_;\

[07:05] RC: He has no reason too <3

[07:06] AG: eeeuuuurrrggghhhh so much shuddering

[07:06] AG: you know it really is not polite to spy on people!!

[07:06] AG: er

[07:06] AG: well. I guess I don't really have room to talk, ugh

[07:06] AG: fine

[07:06] AG: what is this game

[07:07] AG: ?:<>

[07:07] RC: *I*t's pretty super cool <3

[07:07] RC: it's called SGrub <3

[07:07] RC: *I*'ll send you a copy, and one to your friend Balish <3

[07:07] RC: so you can play in the beta together <3

[07:08] AG: is it like flarping? I don't really like games much unless they're fully immersive...

[07:09] AG: er sorry that was rude of me

[07:09] AG: whatever game it is I suppose I would be very pleased to try it!

[07:09] AG: and

[07:09] AG: thank you for thinking of me?

[07:09] RC: hee hee it's fine <3

[07:09] RC: anyway, you're going to start having weird dreams. *I* can communicate with you better there <3

[07:10] AG: you can

[07:10] AG: see my hive and

[07:10] AG: talk to me in my dreams

[07:10] AG: /@.@\

[07:11] AG: I guess I'll just have to take you at your word until I'm proven otherwise

[07:11] RC: MM Hmm <3

[07:11] RC: don't be freaked out though, ok? <3

[07:11] AG: ..............

[07:12] AG: yb. tahw. ]:<>

[07:12] AG: uugughghghgh sorry I meant byyyy whaaatttt

[07:14] RC: *I* haven't seen anyone in a long time. <3

[07:14] RC: so *I* might be a little rusty <3

[07:15] AG: ... aww ):>> alright. I'll... I'll try, then. I'm not so great at intertrollsonal communication either. at least not face to face

[07:20] RC: Ok. *I* will be heading off now. *I* need to observe, and if *I* linger too long, the Thief might notice. <3

[07:20] RC: Sleep well! <3

[07:20] AG: ooo... okay. you too, I, I guess

[07:20] -- someDude [RC] gave up trolling aibohphilicGapeseed [AG] at 19:20 --