[10:56] -- conciseTactician [CT] began trolling aestheticChitin [AC] at 22:56 --

[10:56] CT: HEIRESS, good afternoon to you.

[10:57] AC: lol hiiiiiiii Balish

[10:57] CT: I have an INQUIRY, if you would be SO KIND.

[10:58] AC: lmao omq yu know I looooove answerinq yourr questions !!!

[10:58] AC: its like Im

[10:58] AC: TOTES beinq interviiewed

[10:58] AC: like SUPES leqit

[10:59] AC: qo ahead !!!

[10:59] CT: N-no, HIGHNESS, simply a question.

[10:59] CT: My lusus seems to be... MISSING. I am merely curious if you have seen him above the WAVES.

[10:59] AC: oohhhhhhhh

[11:00] AC: no Im sorry Balish I donnt think I have

[11:00] CT: He is a large BIRD, one capible of diving. The air speaks of STORMS, so I am... Worried.

[11:01] AC: I havent seenn any birdy birdds down here in a while

[11:01] CT: ... UNFORTUNATE.

[11:01] AC: I meean lobsterdad doesnt likke me leavin too ofteen

[11:01] AC: so I haveent been to the surrface in awhile anyyway

[11:02] AC: but Ill try and qett a drone to lookk out for himm for yu !!!

[11:02] CT: Yes, I UNDERSTAND. Your lusus is rather INTELLEGENT.

[11:02] CT: You do me HONOR, Highness.

[11:03] AC: lol no problem Bally !!

[11:03] CT: ... Bally.

[11:03] CT: That.

[11:03] CT: ...

[11:03] CT: Thank you for the nickname, HIGHNESS.

[11:03] AC: lol Im tryin neew nicknammes for EVERYONE

[11:04] AC: qladd you like itt !!!!

[11:04] CT: How... CREATIVE.

[11:04] AC: oh oh !!!

[11:04] AC: speakkinq of creaative !!!

[11:04] AC: Im almost donne with my


[11:05] CT: ... Wonderful HEIRESS. I should INQUIRE to what this... PROJECT is.

[11:05] AC: lmao weeeeelllll

[11:06] AC: only because your my BPBFFALOTS

[11:06] CT: Yes. That word.

[11:07] AC: best purple bloodded friendy friend at least on the surrface lol

[11:08] CT: I... I SEE, highness.

[11:08] AC: anywayys I just finisshed this TOTES KRAY-KRAYFISH hoodiee !!!

[11:08] AC: I think itd be perfect for yu !!!

[11:08] CT: A hooded sweatshirt?

[11:08] CT: Are you positive it is for ME?

[11:09] AC: lol yu knoww my desiiqns are totes for

[11:09] AC: ERRYBODY !!

[11:09] AC: and youre in errybody, riqhtt ??

[11:09] CT: Of course Heiress. I THANK YOU for the gift.

[11:09] AC: lmao yur welcomme Bally !!!

[11:10] CT: How... Very Thoughtful.

[11:10] AC: =:D <-- is totes excited for her BPBFFALOTS to qet her qiift

[11:11] CT: Perhaps you may wish to focus your ATTENTION on others, who may more DESPERATELY need your... Fashion EXPERTISE?

[11:11] AC: omq like who !?!?!

[11:11] CT: I PERSONALLY know of another of your gender who is LACKING in that department.

[11:12] AC: =:O <-- totes wants to knoww who needs fashionn help

[11:12] CT: One Peasant Blood named Nullar Etrors.

[11:12] CT: I-if helping a PEASANT BLOOD is allowed, HIGHNESS.

[11:12] AC: omq Bally

[11:12] AC: dont you know that like

[11:13] AC: fashionn problems transcend

[11:13] AC: ALLLLLLLLL the heemospectrum ???

[11:13] AC: as the heireess it is my DUUTY

[11:13] AC: to hellp those in fashionn need !!!

[11:14] CT: Right, I believe you have MENTIONED it.

[11:14] CT: ONCE or TWICE.

[11:14] AC: omq omq i need to qo breakk out my


[11:15] AC: thanks sooooooo much for lettinnq me knoww !!!

[11:15] CT: Of course, Highness, I would just HATE to bother you while you... CREATE.

[11:15] CT: If I may be DISMISSED?

[11:15] AC: lol true dat Bally

[11:16] AC: lmao of course !!!

[11:16] AC: see you later BPBFFALOTS !!!

[11:16] CT: Right. Honor to your NAME, Highness.

[11:16] -- conciseTactician [CT] gave up trolling aestheticChitin [AC] at 23:16 --