Balish Aggaro
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Name Balish Aggaro
Age 7 Sweeps
Classpect Prince of Breath
Guardian Erndad (Dead)
Sprite Ernsprite
Land Land of Quill and Parchment

Your name is BALISH AGGARO

You’re a COLD OPERATOR, with a taste for cynicism and a distrust of others.

You have a certain paranoia when it comes to other trolls, doing your best to remain off everyone’s radar, and you have become adept at AVOIDING OTHERS. Your lusus has even sensed your desire isolation, and has obliged, leaving for long periods of time. He does visit once every while, landing on your tower of a hive. Despite a pessimistic attitude and general annoyance with every other member of your species, you do find a peculiar calm in NATURE, despite the harsh terrain and crippling sun, you like to explore that interest through mix of HIKING and TRAIL RUNNING along the coast. Due to your solitary nature and unwillingness to interact, you’ve become QUITE A GOOD CHEF, perfecting your cooking skills, which is a rather strange trait for one of your blood, who would normally be delivered food from one of the Eating Establishments. In whatever spare time you have, you’ve become rather attached to VIDEO GAMES but you are rather shitty at them. The only exception to this is STRATEGY GAMES, which you’ve become rather adept at, perfecting skills against the artificial intelligence and occasionally breaking the loathsome attitude toward others in order to school some lame child willing to try to compare themselves to you. Your love of strategy has also flared an interest in ORIENTATION, and now maps cover your walls, marked with potential tactics and counter reactions, all theoretical of course. Being alone has also giving you a lot of time for READING, which you tend to enjoy, usually reading book pertaining to HISTORY, mainly ancient battles, or COOKING, to broaden your horizon on the subject.

As a general pessimist, you DO NOT THINK HIGHLY OF OTHERS. You tend to be rather peeved at something or another, probably because you are EASILY ANNOYED, gaining frustration for little reason and becoming rather unpredictable uncontrolled while in this state. You also HATE TO BE ANNOYED, as you view it as a slip for a regular state of control. You like to keep yourself EMOTIONALLY SUPPRESSED, to help think logically no matter the situation. You are RATHER APATHETIC and cannot usually bring yourself to care about others, especially those of your blood, whom you hold a rather strong distaste for. You like to act LOGICALLY, and therefore have a DIFFICULT TIME ADJUSTING, preferring to stay within the walls built around yourself.

You are very clear in your speech, and are not afraid to let people know what you are thinking, through CLEAR EMPHASIS.

Life Before SgrubEdit

Being a high blood is to be under a lot of stress most of the time, having to deal with social standings and observe certain protocol. To make matters worse, Balish lives in close proximity with many other Purple Bloods, which crave competition between one another, to prove themselves better than the others. Balish has done a great job staying out of this scene, but most occasionally make appearances at some gala or execution, to show the others he is not a troll to be trifled with.

Balish’s lusus is a large Sea Eagle, which allows for Balish’s hive to be a large tower rather than the normal seaside cottages most other Purple Bloods live in, in order to accommodate their lusi. Erndad is also a rather strange lusus, and is very kind and coddling, rather than abrasive and distant like other purple blooded lusi. Although Erndad would want nothing more than to spend time with Balish, the troll’s independent nature and desire to be alone drives the lusus away, so Erndad spends a lot of time over the seas, hunting and drifting on the warm breeze.


Pesterchum Handle: concise Tactician

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