Class Heir of Light
Sprite QueenFoolsprite
Land Land of Amber and Fools
Guardian  Butler
Weapon kind Scythekind


Your name is Beau. You are a rather WEALTHY 13 year old. Your MOTHER and FATHER are often on business trips, so you live alone with your GUARDIAN BUTLER most of the time. Your intests include TEA PARTIES and CHESS. Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is set to SCYTHE-KIND, as it is the most elegant weapon. You're very excited for the new Sburb game, as you have heard it's pretty "sick." You've heard you can be pretty MANIPULATIVE. Though you don't like to admit it, you have a naturally SHORT TEMPER. 

Your chum-handle is chessAficionado. You speak softly and dellicately... pausing to give others time to debate. THOUGH WHEN YOUR TEMPER GETS THE BEST OF YOU, YOU TALK LOUDLY AND THIS CAUSES MUCH ANNOYANCE.


Kate: Kate and Beau have been friends for a few years. Beau is always trying to get Kate to play games with her, but the newest game has piqued kate's interest. Beau often encourages Kate to go after bigger goals in lifes, like killing bears.

Null: After a pathetic attempt at trolling her, Null became easily flustered by Beau's foward and impromptu flirting. ALthough Null gave up on trolling humans, Beau is deadset on being friends.

Tlaloc: After a few long pesterlogs, they became fast friends. Although Beau doesn't share his extreme tendencies. Though she used to be his matesprite, she has dumped him due to several reasons. Tlaloc's obsessive behavior has brought a new disposition towards him.

Balish: Beau befriended Balish after convincing him that they share similar class, They have sinced considered eachother allies.

Sami: Beau and Sami have been friends for a long time, it was revealed that after the events of the enterance, Beau developed a crush on Sami. After confessing, they developed a budding relationship.


Because your mom and dad are on business trips often, your butler takes care of you. He has a unhealthy opsession with COFFEE. This causes him to have a non-stop CAFFIENE RUSH. Making him IRITABLE and JITTERY. He also moves very very FAST.


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