Caldus Orneas
Name Caldus Orneas
Age 7 Solar Sweeps
Classpect [Unknown]
Guardian Beedad
Sprite [Unknown]
Land Land of [Unknown] and [Unknown]

Your name is CALDUS ORNEAS, and you just recently turned 7 SWEEPS OLD. You are a sucker for LONG, SHARP OBJECTS, especially HALBERDS, and you strive to master using these weapons. However, you are not a very strong person. You are actually quite WEAK and have trouble correctly wielding these weapons, although you have figured out how to use momentum to your advantage. You are very SHY and NOT VERY TALKATIVE when talking to new people, but you open up to them over time. However, you get TOO ATTACHED to your friends if you stay around them for a long time, even to the point of threatening your friends if they don't hang out with you. One of your good friendships came to a very TRAGIC END because of this. Ever since this incident, you have been VERY CAREFUL in terms of the situations you get into. You usually seem to find a way to MAKE THINGS WORK OUT, even though it might not always be the correct way, but you're terrible at making SPLIT SECOND DECISIONS and tend to fail others when something completely relies on you. You also seem to have ABNORMALLY LONG LEGS , meaning they get in the way a lot of the time. And I mean really fucking long legs. Like twice the size of your body long. Yo uthink that it may have something to do with your  This is very inconvenient when you are trying to run away from BEES, for which you have a CRIPPLING FEAR of. In addition to your long legs, you also have VERY LONG, STRAIGHT HORNS, represented in your emoticons as "=". In addition to having a thing for weapons, you also have a knack for MAKING AWESOME THINGS OUT OF NOT AWESOME THINGS, such as that pole-vaulting halberd/sword combo weapon that you made with semi-hardened slime and the horns of dead trolls that you find on sick EXPEDITIONS that you go on to find materials to make some of these awesome things out of. You also make GOD AWFUL PUNS that stretch the meaning of pun to the very limit when there's a chance. Your Trollian tag is acceleratingGlaive, and your speech______tends_____to____take___a__while_to_speed_up_until_you_start_to speaksoquicklythatyouhavtrubletypngcorectly!

Life Before SGrubEdit



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Tlaloc: He's been your best bud for a while. You used to to a gaming show called "Game Grubs", but you quit the show in order to follow your dreams of having your own gaming show. That and you didn't want to become so attached to him that you would eventually murder him for not hanging out with you (Although that MIGHT happen later?)

Out-Of-Character (OOC) Contact Info.Edit

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