Doir Mavico
yeah and im sorry but my kids have my genes so theyre fucking idiots
Name Doir Mavico
Age 13
Classpect Page of Mind
Guardian Mom Mavico
Sprite XenomorphSprite
Land LoVaBO
Chumhandle/Trollsign galactoidArrival

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Tarot Card 8 (VIII): Justice


Your name is DOIR MAVICO. You have a variety of INTERESTS, most of which are ODD and potentially DANGEROUS but you don't really care. You're a PAGE of MIND, unfortunately, and that causes you quite a lot of TROUBLE, because it basically means you're a DUMBASS. You often spend your evenings SHARPENING your AXES or BUYING NEW ONES FRIVOLOUSLY. The fine ARTS and SCIENCE are INTERESTS of yours, and you like to think you're both CULTURED and a GREAT SCIENTIST. As well as CHAOTIC. And while that's true, you display your CHAOTIC NEUTRAL ALIGNMENT (EMPHASIS on CHAOTIC) by doing ASININE THINGS such as GENETICALLY ENGINEERING QUICK-ROTTING POTATOLEEKS, MIXING CHEMICALS until you make something COOL or GET SENT to the HOSPITAL, GETTING YOURSELF INVOLVED in INTERNATIONAL DRUG CARTELS, and ACCIDENTALLY SETTING your HAIR on FIRE. You're dangerously SELF AWARE, so much so that you can't really get away from how HORRIBLE you are. You tend to DRESS SHARPLY AND EXTREMELY FASHIONABLY, or DRESS LIKE YOU JUST ROLLED OUT OF BED, with a THIN LINE in between, but an ENTIRE MARGIN OF REASONS WHY. FASHION.

You are not very good at SLEEPING, due to a horrible case of INSOMNIA. You like to stay up AS LONG AS POSSIBLE, though you think you heard somewhere that SLEEP DEPRIVATION causes BRAIN DAMAGE. You can always just HIT YOURSELF in the HEAD with a BLUNT OBJECT, or CHLOROFORM yourself. It seems like every DECISION you make is a BAD DECISION, and even though you actually have a VARIETY of SKILLS, your general aura of DOOFINESS mixed with your IMPULSIVITY nullifies that completely. While you love your FRIENDS dearly, your TRUST ISSUES get in the way of ever really GETTING too CLOSE to ANYONE. You also have QUITE a LOT of SELF LOATHING bottled up inside, behind a SHARP DEFENSE of ATTITUDE, SARCASM, and SNARK. You're also kind of a JERK sometimes, with your occasional PRANK, but you tend to go a tad OVERBOARD. You are an EXTROVERT, and most people find you ANNOYING. Or most people USED TO find you ANNOYING, since MOST PEOPLE are now DEAD. Your pesterchum handle is galactoidArrival and you talk p casually and you have a crapton to say so tighten your overall straps and get ready to be talked at for a few hours.

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Email: <p style="text-align:center;">Pesterchum: galactoidArrival

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