Your name is FEONIX NEZUMI. You exhibit something of an obsession of FIRE and ARCHERY. 

You tend to SLACK OFF a lot. You have always found it easier to be dancing through life than actually watching where you’re going. You like to PARTY HARD which has led to several LESS THAN OPTIMAL situations. It does not, however, inhibit your MAD FIGHT SKILLZ. Some have even said it increases your level of KICK ASS, though you seriously doubt it.

In your spare time you PARTAKE IN THE ARTS though you are VERY JUDGMENTAL of anyone else's art that does not meet your HIGH STANDARDS. Your preferred artistic style is ABSTRACT NON-OBJECTIVE and your preferred artistic mode is DRUNK. You love FIERY COLORS.

You do not spend all your time under the influence. You don’t like to drink alone, and often prefer to be sober when you hang out with your friends.

Your trolltag is artsyGeekstress and you speech is inphormal but eloquent in a way you could only describe as phuckin chill. 

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  • artsyGeekstress