Jack Oswald
Name Jack Oswald
Age 13
Classpect  ??? of ???
Guardian Archibald, his Clockwork Butler
Sprite  ???
Land  ???
Chumhandle/Trollsign gaslampTragedian

Your name is JACK OSWALD and you are having an INCREDIBLY SHITTY DAY. Despite this (and in fact because of this) you are feeling UNCOMFORTABLY ENERGETIC. You habor an unhealthy love of ABSOLUTE MISERY both in yourself and in others, and absolutely ABHORE HAPPY ENDINGS. This probably why our room is LITTERED WITH NOTEBOOKS full of GOD AWFUL TRAGIC FANFICTIONS. It is also littered with litter, since you are a CLASSIC NASTY TRASH HOARDER. Your robotic butler Archibald is constantly ON YOUR ASS trying to clean up but he can shove it in his CLANKY RUSTY PANTS. You can't bring yourself to part with anything, especially TECHNOLOGY. Jesus christ do you love archiac obsolete technology, not out of any unhealthy obsession with the past but more of an ABSOLUTE CONVICTION that it is GENUINELY BETTER.  Ironically, keeping this delusion going has made you a WIZARD OF FRANKENSTEINESQUE PATCH JOBS and making CHIMERAS OF OLD AND NEW GADGETS. Your chum handle gaslampTragedian

Life Before SBurb/SGrubEdit

This section should detail who your guardian is, how they claim to be related to you, fond memories they may have with you, and what they have told you about your 'birth'. Also give us an idea of what growing up was like for you.


Talk about background connections you my have with other characters.

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