Jossik Katarn after losing his eye


Jossik Katarn
Name Jossik Katarn
Age 7.5 sweeps
Classpect Knight of Heart
Guardian Wormdad
Sprite Outsider Liam Sprite
Land Land of Fjords and Bones
Chumhandle/Trollsign garrisonedGuardian

Your name is JOSSIK KATARN. You are 7.5 solar sweeps old, and you have a variety of INTERESTS. You  have a great love of VIDEO GAMES and MOVIES, specifically of the SCI-FI and HEROIC FANTASY genres. You like to indulge in HIGHLY SELF-INDULGENT ESCAPIST FANTASIES, because you HAVE VERY FEW FRIENDS. Your lack of friends is due to the fact that you live in bumfuck, middle of nowhere tundra. Basically, troll Siberia. You lusus subscribes to a tough love, school of hard knocks philosophy, so you are mostly fending for yourself. You are highly devoted to doing the right thing. You have no real combat experience, and most of your training comes from videogames, movies, and hunting wild tuskbeasts with a sword for food. You dream of filling all your quadrants  with the MOST HEROIC POSSIBILITIES (a red-hot action partner, a wise councilor, a fierce rival, a badass partner-in-heroics). However, you loneliness, combined with the pressure of the imperial drones, has left you REALLY DESPERATE. You spend your time studying the ways of ancient troll heroes so you can learn to BE THE HERO IN ANY HEROIC SITUATION. You hate BULLIES because you believe exercising your powers on those weaker than you is not a true test of a heroes abilities, and also it's kind of horrible. You also hate clowns, because seriously, FUCK CLOWNS. You are quick to trust, and you will jump at the chance to have AN ADVENTURE. Your strife specibus is swordkind, as the sword is the weapon of a true hero. Your Pesterchum handle is garrisonedGuardian.

Life before SgrubEdit

Jossik Katarn has never had the easiest life.  His geographic isolation, coupled with the fact that he is probably the only male Jadeblood in existence, has kept him from being very social.  He tends to withdraw into videogames and movies, and is almost constantly fantasizing about heroic adventure.  Most of his time not spent doing that is taken up by hunting wild Tuskbeasts for food, and training with his blade.  His Lusus, a giant tunneling worm, tends to eat quite a bit, and so requires a lot of hunting to feed.  This hunting has given him experience in survival and tracking.


Ryspor Tezeti - flushed relationship (Jospor) <3

Kakité Nagisa - Pale relationship (Fell Team Six) <>

Black feelings for Meouet Piraya <3<

No current Ashen feelings o8<

Tlaloc Zapote - Former moirail, current friendship tense

Doir Mavico - Friends

Beau Demain - Friends. Often goes to her for relaitionship advice.

Nate Revult - Friends

Balish Aggaro - Sort of friends but not really

Nullar Etrors - Enemies

Rilset Leyers - Enemies

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Jossik enters the game

Jossik is rescued from Scarlet on Dorse

Jossik participates in the Gobblebeast Feast

Jossik meets up with Team Justice and heads to Kikate's land

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reddit- BERTthePenguin

Steam- BERTthePenguin

pesterchum- garrisonedGuardian