Name Mitlan Stroek
Age 7
Classpect  ??? of ???
Guardian Dire Rat
Sprite  ???
Land Land of ??? and ???

Your name is Mitlan Stroek.

You are an ASPITING ENGINEER.  You enjoy building USEFUL CONTRAPTIONS, particulary ones that are PRACTICAL AND EFFICIENT.  As a result, your hive looks like a bit of a mess, with cables and pulleys stuck to the ceiling and patched up holes from previous projects.  You have a tendancy to move things around in your hive, to accommodate for other projects. You also go SPELUNKING from time to time, exploring cave systems in the local area.  Caves fascinate you, and provide you with unique engineering challenges.  It takes you a long time to explore however, as you're afraid of the DARK and GETTING LOST.  Most of the time you go along reinforcing and illuminating the area, laying down TRAPS to catch the creatures that get into the tunnels.  You've managed to light up a fair number of the cave systems in the area though, and don't usually have a problem with the creatures that get caught in the traps.

Your trolltag is glowingApparatus, and (an't (tand it when you don't have a good (en(e of (losure))))).

Life Before SGrubEdit

This section should detail who your guardian is, how they claim to be related to you, fond memories they may have with you, and what they have told you about your 'birth'. Also give us an idea of what growing up was like for you.



Mitlan has spoken to Feonix before the game started, and they seemed to get along based on a mutual like of home improvement.


Mitlan once accidently tunneled into Nullar's home and they swapped trolltag information once she calmed down.  They have spoken since recieving the invites to the game.

OOC Contact InformationEdit

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