Moss Elliot
Name Moss Elliot
Age 13
Classpect  ??? of ???
Guardian Sis Elliot
Sprite  ???sprite
Land Land of ??? and ???

Hey, your name is Moss Elliot. You are DEFINITELY NOT A STONER OR A HIPSTER, despite what your friends say. You love COOKING, SKATEBOARDING, and PARKOUR. However, you absolutely detest BAKING and any form of organized BELIEF. You also generally cant do anything while you're TIRED. You talk in an absolutely casual form pretty much all the time, however, even if you may have a verbose VOCABULARY, you are not a fan of using it, as you don't want to be PRETENTIOUS.

Your pesterchum handle is aetherealAxolotl and you have a dispositi- wait shit i mean sometimes use stupid words.

Life Before SBurbEdit

Moss grew up, on the very outskirts of a city, basically in the suburbs, but close enough to where he could just use a subway to get to school. He's not really much into video games in general, however his guardian, Sis Elliot is REALLY into them, so he's alright with them, and usually plays only games that he can play with his friends. He is pretty much an amalgamation of about 15 different stereotypes, but hates being called out on them. 


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OOC Contact InformationEdit

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