Name Nate Revult
Age 13
Classpect Knight of Hope
Guardian Papa Revult
Sprite Wormdadsprite
Land Land of Speed and Carnage
Chumhandle/Trollsign acquiredCarne

Your name is NATE REVULT. You are an outdoorsy person, at home in the WOODS ENCIRCLING YOUR CABIN, happy to lose yourself in the trees. Speaking of getting lost, you have a bad habit of NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO THINGS. You like to spend your freetime HUNTING, a passion since you could first hold your SHOTGUN. If you should meet someone you won't hesitate to bring up your various EXCITING HUNTS, many of which are mounted as TROPHIES on your walls. Oddly, few people tend to be as enthused about your exploits as you are. On the rare occasion you're home, you spend your time reading. You enjoy both SUPERHERO COMICS and MILITARY LITERATURE. You also spend sometime helping out at your father's BUTCHER SHOP located in the front of your house. 

Your Chumhandle is acquiredCarne, and, your thoughts 

                                              tend to be

                                              very choppy.


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Life Before SBurbEdit

You live with your father, the local butcher. He taught you pretty much everything you know about hunting and preparation of meat. He's busy most of the time so you rarely have time to talk. You'd say your relationship with him is good, despite his large collection of sports memorabilia, that is something you could never see eye to eye on. You mostly spent your time in the woods, setting up snares, baiting traps, and sleeping in wait of prey. All in all, a laidback life. You tend to help your father in his shop from time to time.


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