[09:15] -- aibohphilicGapeseed [AG] began trolling conciseTactician [CT] at 21:15 --

[09:16] AG: uh

[09:16] AG: hey, hi

[09:16] CT: ...

[09:16] CT: Greetings.

[09:16] AG: yes, that

[09:17] CT: How did you get this HANDLE?

[09:17] AG: kikat'e passed it on to me. we're going to be playing a game soon?

[09:17] CT: I-

[09:18] CT: Perhaps.

[09:18] CT: I have YET to be convinced.

[09:18] AG: well, that's... cool I guess. it seems pretty interesting

[09:18] CT: I have HEARD, but RPGS are not my... FORTE.

[09:19] AG: I haven't been able to find much information on it but the walkthrough I did find makes it sound alright

[09:19] AG: like

[09:19] AG: there are server players

[09:19] AG: and the server players can see your house

[09:19] AG: and like... add to it

[09:19] AG: but more importantly they can see it

[09:19] AG: and you if you're in it

[09:19] AG: it's just

[09:19] AG: so

[09:19] AG: cool

[09:19] CT: What? Why would we WANT THAT?

[09:19] AG: well I don't know about we

[09:20] AG: and truth be told I am a little nonplussed at the idea of someone watching my shit

[09:20] AG: but

[09:20] AG: well I've never seen a highblood's hive before

[09:20] AG: maybe I can be your server player if you do end up playing (:>>

[09:20] CT: ERM.

[09:21] AG: or you could... send me a livestream request now

[09:21] AG: I mean..... if you don't mind it would be cool

[09:21] AG: you have a grubcam right?

[09:21] CT: I do N-NOT THINK that is an acceptable course of action.

[09:21] CT: Yes I do but...

[09:22] AG: but? ]:<>

[09:22] AG: what are you, naked or something?

[09:22] CT: No, I don't wish to DISPLAY my living area to a STRANGER.

[09:22] CT: W-WHAT



[09:22] AG: you're TOTALLY NAKED aren't you

[09:22] AG: well I mean

[09:22] AG: it's perfectly reasonable

[09:23] AG: you are, presumably, alone, in your hive


[09:23] AG: who could object if you decided to.....

[09:23] CT: ...

[09:23] AG: strip down and.....

[09:23] AG: just.....

[09:23] AG: play on your hivetop.......

[09:23] AG: er....


[09:23] AG: uh /^///////^\

[09:23] AG: ehehehe I think I got a little carried away there

[09:24] AG: explain what? /:>>


[09:24] CT: Excuse my while I check... THINGS.

[09:24] AG: oh man normally everyone else makes me uncomfortable

[09:24] AG: you should

[09:24] AG: turn on your grubcam before you go

[09:24] AG: I mean

[09:24] AG: if it's not too much to ask

[09:24] CT: NO.

[09:25] AG: .... ]:<>


[09:25] CT: Why are you so intent?

[09:25] AG: I'm just... curious! Like I said!

[09:25] AG: I've never even talked to someone this high on the 'spectrum before (:>

[09:25] CT: There is a DIFFERENCE between CURIOUSITY and CREEPINESS

[09:25] AG: I bet your horns are HUGE

[09:26] CT: I... They may be, but that is B-BESIDE THE POINT.

[09:26] AG: ohhhh yeah

[09:26] AG: tell me how pointy they are

[09:26] CT: WHY.

[09:26] AG: do they curve or


[09:26] AG: like maybe they go straight

[09:27] AG: are you touching them right now

[09:27] CT: N-NO!

[09:27] CT: Not any more...


[09:27] AG: ehehe okay if you insist


[09:28] AG: touchy, touchy!

[09:28] CT: Why are you even SPEAKING to one such as I?

[09:29] CT: Shouldn't you be WAILING ABOUT OPRESSION or something?

[09:29] AG: well at first it was curiousity like I said

[09:29] AG: but now I for sure have to convince you to play that game

[09:29] AG: I'll be your server player [;<>

[09:29] CT: ER.

[09:29] AG: don't worry I wouldn't think to ever look in if you were

[09:29] AG: 'indecent'

[09:29] AG: or

[09:29] AG: .... maybe

[09:30] AG: ...... using the ablution trap......


[09:31] AG: I:<> pfft okay there shoutypants

[09:31] AG: I promise to stop being 'inappropriate' if you turn on your grub cam, you know

[09:31] AG: I could even... just be silent

[09:31] AG: if- if you'd like...

[09:31] CT: That sounds even MORE INAPPROPRIATE.

[09:31] AG: you could pretend I'm n-not even.... ereht....

[09:31] CT: I do not UNDERSTAND your MIND Lowblood.

[09:32] AG: hey enough about me

[09:32] CT: You s-should COWER, not... Not be this... UNNERVING.

[09:32] AG: I:>>

[09:32] AG: why should I cower, you're like

[09:33] AG: half a planet away probably

[09:33] AG: and you're too young to put in orders to have me culled

[09:33] AG: you'd have to go in game to even have a chance to put the chucklevoodoo fear in me P:>>

[09:33] CT: No Purple Blood is too young for THAT, Peasant Blood.

[09:33] CT: A... A what?

[09:33] AG: do you even have chucklevoodoos?

[09:33] AG: maybe that's not even a real thing

[09:33] AG: I just heard, like

[09:33] CT: You speak of... That TWISTED Belief.

[09:34] AG: the purple bloods h--- yeah!

[09:34] CT: Purple bloods Hell Yeah? I suppose.

[09:34] AG: so I guess you don't

[09:35] CT: Not something I'd think would come from your MOUTH.

[09:35] AG: where else would it come from? ahaha

[09:35] CT: Have you SPOKEN to the CURELEAN BLOOD?

[09:35] CT: It seems you two are... SWITCHED.

[09:35] AG: Kikat'e? yeah he's really nice

[09:35] AG: a little... weird for sure

[09:36] CT: Nice is a word. INAPPROPRIATE, but a word.

[09:36] AG: oho, onono, I'm cool with being a maroonblood. people leave me be, no expectations.

[09:36] AG: 'hey could you maybe just not die too quick if that's not too much of a hassle. if you make it off planet that is way more than we expected of you'

[09:36] AG: I mean at least that's how I imagine the adults think about us /:>>

[09:37] CT: Oh no, a few years of youth then a few years of Battle, then DEATH. CRY ABOUT IT.

[09:37] AG: .... haha you're weird too

[09:38] CT: E-excuse me?

[09:38] CT: Weird?

[09:38] AG: why would I cry about dying?

[09:38] AG: it happens to everyone

[09:38] CT: ...

[09:38] AG: and at least I won't be alive for centuries, until I've done everything and nothing interests or satisfies me anymore

[09:38] AG: you high bloods, you guys got the short end of the stick

[09:38] AG: yeah, you get to yell a lot and order people around but

[09:39] AG: I dunno it just doesn't seem alla that cool

[09:39] CT: Your words... ODDLY CORRECT.

[09:39] CT: What was your name again, LOW BLOOD?

[09:39] AG: Nullar Etrors.

[09:40] CT: Interesting. I will keep it... IN MIND, to say the least.

[09:40] CT: You've given me more to think about THAN THE OTHERS.

[09:40] AG: heheh

[09:40] AG: hey think about the game too!

[09:40] CT: So wait, you do not fear the orders of CULLING?

[09:40] AG: I wasn't kidding about being your server player, I'd love it!

[09:40] AG: oh

[09:40] CT: Where do you live that is so CARE FREE?

[09:41] AG: oho* ehehe oops

[09:41] CT: I would like to KNOW.

[09:41] AG: ohhhh uhm

[09:41] CT: ...

[09:41] AG: I'd... I dunno I'd rather not talk about this

[09:42] CT: Tell me low blood.

[09:42] AG: can't we talk about you some more?

[09:42] CT: I could ORDER IT.

[09:42] AG: I mean you could but

[09:42] CT: What would your reaction be THEN?

[09:42] AG: once again you're really far away probably

[09:42] CT: I have your name as well. I could find it.

[09:42] AG: maybe if you turned on the grubcam and ordered me so I could see your face I'd be more intimidated!

[09:43] AG: errrr... I-I-I... t'ndah deredisnoc taht ): >>

[09:43] AG: I MEAN

[09:43] AG: ):>>

[09:43] CT: The Drones aren't used much this time of year... I wonder if they would be up for an EXPIDITION?

[09:43] AG: look my uh

[09:43] AG: my lusus is calling

[09:43] AG: I have to go

[09:43] -- aibohphilicGapeseed [AG] gave up trolling conciseTactician [CT] at 21:43 --

[09:43] CT: ...

[09:44] CT: hmm...

[09:44] -- conciseTactician [CT] gave up trolling aibohphilicGapeseed [AG] at 21:44 --