[07:51] -- aibohphilicGapeseed [AG] began trolling conciseTactician [CT] at 19:51 --

[07:52] AG: ok

[07:52] AG: so

[07:52] AG: this might sound crazy

[07:52] AG: and I probably shouldn't even be talking about this

[07:52] AG: but this lady

[07:52] AG: I think it was a lady?

[07:52] AG: anyway

[07:52] CT: HELLO to you as well.

[07:52] AG: long story short M'I GNIKAERF TUO!

[07:52] CT: Null, you're backwards AGAIN.

[07:53] AG: D:<>

[07:53] AG: okay.

[07:53] AG: okay.

[07:53] AG: okay so yesterday

[07:53] AG: this lady

[07:53] AG: or

[07:53] AG: I don't know maybe it was a dude

[07:53] CT: The DETAILS are unimportant, apparently.

[07:54] AG: it might have been a human idk it was talking about 'farmville'

[07:54] CT: Right, a PINK ONE.


[07:54] AG: yes

[07:54] AG: maybe

[07:54] AG: so

[07:55] AG: kkkkkcccuufff ):

[07:55] AG: I'm so stressed out I forgot my fucking horns ]:<>

[07:55] AG: this is bogus

[07:55] CT: Your issue? Null, I cannot READ MINDS.

[07:55] AG: okay sorry I know you're probably losing patience here--- yep okay right on time

[07:55] AG: okay.

[07:55] AG: so

[07:55] AG: she said

[07:55] AG: something about sending me a game

[07:55] AG: okay no

[07:55] AG: that wasn't the beginning

[07:56] CT: Take a DEEP BREATH, and start from the beginning.


[07:56] AG: she can see into my HIVE, baish

[07:56] AG: bSDHkfhdsaf


[07:56] CT: ...

[07:56] AG: she can SEE in my fucking HIVE and hey look I'm so FREAKED OUT I have your QUIRK

[07:56] AG: I tore the place apart

[07:56] AG: looking for

[07:56] AG: I dunno

[07:56] CT: That is rather TROUBLING.

[07:56] AG: hidden grubcams

[07:57] AG: but get this

[07:57] AG: there's NOTHING

[07:57] AG: NADA

[07:57] AG: ZILP

[07:57] CT: Perhaps it was ANOTHER of our kind?

[07:57] CT: Using some sort of POWER.

[07:58] CT: ANOTHER troll, with the purpose to frighten you.

[07:58] AG: I don't know, maybe... I didn't really get that impression but look it doesn't matter

[07:58] AG: they told me I'd be dreaming soon, weird dreams

[07:59] CT: AND? We all DREAM, at some point.

[07:59] CT: But go ON.

[07:59] AG: okay so

[07:59] AG: I wake up

[08:00] AG: and I'm in my room, except

[08:00] CT: Etrors, the POINT. I am at the end of my PATIENCE.

[08:00] AG: everything's purple

[08:00] CT: ...

[08:01] AG: and I've never dreamed like this before, it was like... completely lucid! and when I tripped over my ass and face planted it fucking HURT

[08:01] AG: something REALLY weird is going on

[08:01] AG: and

[08:01] AG: and

[08:01] AG: I think you might be involved |: >

[08:01] CT: EXCUSE me?

[08:01] AG: well look

[08:01] AG: she

[08:01] AG: or he

[08:01] AG: uhhhh

[08:02] AG: so...licited....a......... truce? kinda?

[08:02] AG: she asked for my help really

[08:02] AG: but wouldn't say for what

[08:02] AG: and uh

[08:02] AG: mentioned................. your name

[08:02] AG: like, by name

[08:02] AG: for

[08:02] AG: reasons

[08:03] CT: What REASONS? If you were contacted by a VOYAGER, then I should be aware. I may need to PREPARE, incase of a mental invasion, as you were.

[08:04] -- aibohphilicGapeseed [AG] begins to type a lot then deletes it because everything she starts to say is stupid --

[08:05] CT: At least I MAY have the element of SUPRISE, in order to INTERROGATE this vagabond.

[08:05] AG: .......... KOOL TI SAW TSUJ SNOSAER YAKO

[08:05] AG: I don't think it was a threat!

[08:05] AG: for you

[08:05] AG: well

[08:05] AG: kind of maybe

[08:05] AG: you might think of it as a threat

[08:05] AG: uuugggggghghghhghhghghdjklhfalskdjfhsadfaskdjfs

[08:05] AG: fkjadslkjfasdjhfdskjh keyboard mashing

[08:05] AG: is what I'm reduced to here

[08:05] AG: look

[08:05] CT: Threat or no, if they left you this DISTRESSED, I will not stand for it.

[08:05] AG: I'm going to leave before I embarrass myself any more

[08:05] AG: but just

[08:05] AG: please

[08:05] AG: be... careful

[08:06] CT: ...

[08:06] AG: ugh sorry this was, like, really pale of me

[08:06] AG: I didn't mean it like that

[08:06] AG: just watch your back okay?

[08:06] CT: Alright, Null, do not WORRY.

[08:06] AG: and

[08:06] CT: I will be READY for anything.

[08:06] AG: you might be receiving a game soon

[08:06] CT: Game?

[08:06] AG: if you do please message me immediately!

[08:06] AG: and.... let me know if you have any weird dreams ):

[08:06] CT: Alright, I PROMISE.

[08:07] CT: Take a while, CALM YOURSELF.

[08:07] AG: yes, of course. ):>>

[08:07] AG: I have

[08:07] CT: Tend to your GARDEN.

[08:07] AG: a really bad feeling, Balish. about everything.

[08:07] AG: I think something really bad and huge is going to happen soon

[08:07] CT: Don't worry.

[08:07] AG: either that or this is the worst practical joke in all of history ]:<<

[08:07] AG: heads will roll if that's the case I promise you!

[08:07] AG: alright

[08:08] AG: I'll

[08:08] AG: be off now ):>>

[08:08] CT: Your alert will give me the ADVANTAGE.

[08:08] -- aibohphilicGapeseed [AG] gave up trolling conciseTactician [CT] at 20:08 --

[08:08] CT: One I will NOT squander.

[08:09] -- conciseTactician [CT] gave up trolling aibohphilicGapeseed [AG] at 21:44 --