[05:58] -- aibohphilicGapeseeda [AG] began trolling conciseTactician [CT] at 17:58 --

[05:58] AG: hey look

[05:58] CT: No.

[05:58] CT: You Look.

[05:58] AG: when you read that, make sure you block the screen with your whole body ok? then delete it afterward

[05:58] AG: please

[05:58] CT: I need to say something.

[05:58] AG: this is a request ok?

[05:58] CT: I

[05:58] AG: wh... huh?

[05:58] CT: I'll listen.

[05:59] CT: Our conversation.

[05:59] CT: It.

[05:59] CT: I.

[05:59] CT: Today's bad.

[05:59] AG: ugh thanks. I just... I'm rereading and I have an awful suspicion this 'thief' might be watching you like she was me ):>> I think she implied that

[05:59] AG: ............ wait what?

[05:59] AG: today's bad?

[05:59] CT: EVERYTHING is bad.

[05:59] CT: I'm just TIRED of being

[05:59] CT: powerless

[06:00] AG: oh. Balish ):>> I don't know what to say, I don't want to come off as too pale ==; but you're being quite pitiful right now, it's kinda cute!

[06:00] AG: what happened??

[06:01] CT: You don't want to hear it.

[06:02] AG: pffft now you're just being silly, you know I want to hear *GNIHTYREVE* that goes on around there P:>

[06:02] CT: I

[06:02] CT: They FOUND one.

[06:02] CT: The OTHERS.

[06:02] CT: They found a LOW BLOOD.

[06:03] AG: ... oh.

[06:04] CT: I... I think they... They LEFT him. BOUND, or something, outside.

[06:04] AG: oh ):>>

[06:04] CT: It must've been the SUN. The SCREAMING lasted until sundown.

[06:05] CT: I'm just... TIRED.

[06:05] CT: I'm sorry for how I acted.

[06:05] AG: oh geeze, all day? that's awf

[06:05] AG: ...wha??/

[06:05] AG: /o_O\;; no I'm sorry

[06:05] CT: Not something you'd think to HEAR form me is it?

[06:05] CT: Heh, I should have calmed down.

[06:05] CT: It's just...

[06:06] AG: I shouldn't've gotten snappy back. you don't normally act like that and even if you do, you're allowed to. you're a freaking purple for nub's sake

[06:06] AG: I should be pleased you talk to me at all or something /:>>

[06:06] AG: but no this is a pleasant surprise for sure.

[06:07] CT: A suprise? I guess my ACTIONS were rather... UNCHARACTERISTIC.

[06:07] CT: But... My worry is that THEY had a hand in this.

[06:08] AG: they?? these... watchers, you mean?

[06:08] CT: PERHAPS, to lower my ability to counterattack.

[06:08] AG: well I think they'd have to attack for you to counter, balish

[06:08] CT: Do not trust the PINK ONE, we cannot afford to.

[06:08] AG: ugh yeah you're probably right

[06:08] AG: she said

[06:08] AG: she said I'd see her in a dream soon.

[06:09] AG: if I do, I'll tell you what she says

[06:09] CT: I saw.

[06:09] CT: ...

[06:09] CT: Thank you.

[06:09] AG: yesterday was the same as the day prior

[06:09] AG: though this time I was awake a little longer

[06:09] CT: The Purple World?

[06:09] AG: I stuck my head out the window, and saw these black creatures

[06:10] CT: Not Trolls, I ASSUME.

[06:10] AG: no, not trolls. hornless, strange creatures

[06:10] AG: one of them took notice of me, and soon all of them were yelling

[06:10] CT: YELLING? How SO?

[06:10] AG: I couldn't catch all of the words but they seemed very shocked that I was awake

[06:10] AG: 'the something is awake, the something is awake'

[06:11] CT: That does NOT boad well.

[06:11] AG: no. no, it doesn't.

[06:11] AG: I'm almost scared to go to bed today.

[06:11] CT: ... Listen.

[06:11] CT: You should GET OUT of your HIVE.

[06:11] CT: For a while, AT LEAST.

[06:12] CT: PERHAPS their vision stops there?

[06:12] AG: maybe. maybe you're right.

[06:13] AG: I don't know, it'll take me a couple of days to prepare for any kind of trip anyway

[06:13] AG: I'll start preparing in any case.

[06:13] CT: GOOD PLAN.

[06:14] CT: You could visit Jossik. He seems so... PLEASED with your visits.

[06:14] AG: ugh yeah. idk I think it's like

[06:14] AG: anyone other than me's turn to go visit him though

[06:15] AG: it's just such a long trek

[06:15] CT: My absence you be noted by the OTHERS. If I miss another hanging, I will have problems.

[06:15] CT: But... PERHAPS I can ask Erndad.

[06:15] CT: Maybe I could FLY out?

[06:16] CT: I have been curious about this... MYSTERIOUS GARDEN.

[06:16] AG: oh. oh uhm.

[06:16] AG: ):>>

[06:17] CT: Come now, don't be shy. You KNOW I would love to see it.

[06:17] AG: that sounds n-nice and all but uhm my hive isn't really uh fit for visitors

[06:17] AG: and anyway wasn't the point to get me out of here?

[06:17] CT: Of course. Erndad may be able to TRANSPORT you from your hive, NORTHWARD, and I could return without being missed.

[06:18] AG: oh. oh. oh. uhm.

[06:18] AG: let me

[06:18] AG: let me think about that

[06:18] AG: for a little bit okay?

[06:18] CT: Fine, fine.

[06:18] AG: well look

[06:18] AG: I'm going to

[06:19] AG: clean up a little bit

[06:19] AG: obsessively

[06:19] AG: for no reason

[06:19] CT: Just be CAUTIOUS.

[06:19] AG: talk soon okay?

[06:19] CT: If anything happens, PROMISE to contact me.

[06:19] AG: I will. goodnight, balish

[06:19] -- aibohphilicGapeseeda [AG] gave up trolling conciseTactician [CT] at 18:19 --