This page details how to post a pesterlog.

1. Make a new wiki pageEdit

On the main page of the wiki, in the upper right is a button that says "Contribute". It will bring up a drop down menu that includes the words, "Add A Page". Select that option.

A popup with a box will appear. In What do you want to call it'?' you will enter the date, and the names of the two characters involved in the log, in alphabetical order. If it's a memo, the date and the name of the memo. Please note that the date should be done in the american formate without dividers, so mmddyy. Some Examples:

  • 092513jackkate
  • 092513world_of_homestuck_fate_edition

Leave it as Standard Layout, and click "Add A Page".

2. Copy and Paste the Log in QuestionEdit

In Pesterchum, go to Client -> Pesterlogs. This will bring up a window listing all the people you have logs with. Select the appropriate character and the appropriate date.

Highlight the entire conversation, and hit Ctrl+C (Command+C for apple computers).

Return to the page you are editing in the wiki, and hit Ctrl/Command+V to paste it into the blank page.

3. Publish the PageEdit

Seriously, Click Publish.

4. Post the link to the Page on the Page for that day.Edit

Go to the page for the day in question. For example, 09/25/13, would be at

Find the Pesterlogs section of the page, and edit it. Include a link to the wiki page for your conversation, and name it something appropriate, like Jack & Kate Discuss The Meaning of Life.