Seriad Rytoil

Age 6 sweeps
Classpect Sylph of Light
Guardian Foxmum
Sprite Umbridgesprite

Land of Thorns and Dreams

Your name is Seriad Rytoil.

You are 6 sweeps old, and you love magic. Like ALL of the majykks! Well, some of your friends would consider it fake hoofbeastshit, so, you love horsebeastshit....

Your book shelves are lined with thousands upon thousands of ancient tomes on the subject. (Give or take...) But, enough abot that.

Your intrests include, Reading 'books', playing FLARP, and actually writing stories. BUT GOD DO YOU SUCK SO MUCH AT TWO OUT OF THREE OF THOSE THINGS! Your self-esteem is rather shitty as well, but you would like to NOT elaborate on the matter.

You despise the fact that people DELIBERATELY DESECRATE BOOKS! That's like hurting your friends! You could go on an on about how books should be treated, but you ARE a busy person. (Not really.) You also don't like when people are "mean" to you.Though you SHOULD do something back, you'd rather not draw any unwanted attention.

Your handle is carewornAstrologist and you usually add an extra 'O' or zero when you use words that contain the letter, so as to represent the infinite plane that is space. You have no idea how you came up with this, you just chose to keep it. That's really  all there is to say on the matters, to quote someone you've never even heard of.


Life Before SBurb/SGrubEdit



  • Kate Wrightt- Nice? Confusing... Dates Kikate. Fellow Sylph player.
  • Doir- <3 <3 <3 Totally radical goofy sort of... EX-Matesprite?
  • Beau- Calm, collected, fellow light player.
  • Sami- Nice? Beau's "girlfriend"
  • Nate- ???????
  • Avel- ???????
  • Aura- Likes to add 'afterthoughts' likes books too.
  • Rilset- Cannibal guy. Dislikes me. Kind of creepy.
  • Nullar- Had her eyes taken out... Platonic hate... Pretty intimidating.
  • Tlaloc- Huge loser nerd. Pretends he's cool. Kismesis? Who knows... fuck that guy.
  • Vejant- Flighty... Uh, unaware.... Uhhhhh... ???????
  • Meouet- Good listener. Secret cahoots. Uh, Rage player?
  • Jossik- CLingy... Hero tool. Likes to pin people against walls. Did I mention clingy? He's pretty clingy to Ryspor. Just sayin'...
  • Kikate- We dated for like... A few days... And, he left... me, for... KATE.
  • Glissa- Client player. ???????
  • Balish- BIG SCARY HIGHBLOOD, leader of... everything? Matesprites with Libby..
  • Ryspor- Hawtt Kismesis, good kisser. Likes... pale relations...
  • Maenam- Very excitable, really nice... uh... likes... hoodies?

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