[09:21] -- greatTenochtitlan [GT] began trolling aestheticChitin [AC] at 21:21 --

[09:21] GT: Yo

[09:21] GT: Airhead

[09:22] GT: Are you too buxy xtitching thoxe horrendoux ragx together

[09:23] AC: lolol heeeeeeeey Tila !!!

[09:23] AC: you knoww Im always like

[09:23] GT: "Tila"

[09:23] AC: wrist deep in the stitchiin

[09:23] AC: soooooo deep

[09:23] GT: Wow, juxt... what

[09:24] AC: well I can neveer remember howw your namme qoes

[09:24] AC: so like

[09:24] GT: Thatxfunnyconxideringyou'rexoxhallow

[09:24] AC: Tila!

[09:24] -- greatTenochtitlan [GT] holds his head in his hands and sighs --

[09:24] GT: Look

[09:24] GT: I'm here on xtrictly buxinexx matterx

[09:25] AC: ohhhhh riqqqqqqht

[09:25] AC: so like whats up browndude ???

[09:25] GT: I have your fucking money

[09:25] GT: Thatx what'x up

[09:25] GT: You need to come pick it up

[09:26] GT: Xend a xervant or drone or xome xhit

[09:26] AC: lol okay Ill makke sure it qetts picked upp and stuff

[09:26] AC: Im totallly on it

[09:26] AC: like so on it

[09:27] AC: =:D <-- is on it

[09:27] GT: The Condexcenxion better get thix

[09:28] GT: Becauxe 1) I xpent a lot of xervant labor finding all thix gold

[09:28] AC: lolol dont wooooorrrrryyy Tila


[09:29] AC: lmao omq browndude thats like

[09:29] AC: soooooo hells of funny

[09:29] AC: all the funnyy

[09:29] GT: "xoooooo hellx of funny"

[09:30] GT: Truly you enlighten ux all with your deep inxightx

[09:30] AC: thanks =:D

[09:31] AC: oh annd Ill be supes surre that yu qett my laaaatest projject with thhe drone duude

[09:31] AC: youre qonna TOTES loove it !!!

[09:31] GT: Your latext project?

[09:32] GT: Did you remember that I have 2 armx? Xo, like, 5 arm holex ix not cool

[09:32] GT: That laxt xhirt you gave me didn't even fucking make xenxe in 3D xpace

[09:33] AC: lolol I knnow

[09:33] AC: it was like

[09:33] AC: SUPES leqit

[09:33] AC: another Niadis MASSTERPIECE !!!

[09:34] GT: "Legit" "Maxterpiece" I don't know if you know what thoxe wordx mean

[09:34] GT: But I don't want to know

[09:34] GT: Becauxe I don't care

[09:35] GT: Do you even know what you ARE

[09:35] GT: And you're fucking xquandering it

[09:35] AC: lol yu sayy that like

[09:35] AC: EVERY time

[09:36] GT: I'm not fucking joking

[09:36] GT: Wow, if i had been born in your body

[09:36] GT: Minux having a groove of courxe

[09:37] GT: Hot damn, I know I wouldn't be waxting my immenxe powerx on THIX XHIT

[09:37] AC: =<:| <-- is like totes weirdded out by that thouqqht

[09:37] AC: but like

[09:37] GT: You don't even know how to xpell Emprexx

[09:37] AC: two peeps in onne body would be sooooooo weird

[09:38] GT: Where to xtart... that comment neatly xumx up all of you in a xingle xentance

[09:38] AC: dawwww thankks browndude =:D

[09:39] GT: You are very welcome!

[09:39] GT: I mean it from the bottom of my hemo-pump orifice!

[09:40] GT: I have to pay hella caxh juxt to rule a few thouxand chumpx

[09:41] GT: You have the potential to rule BILLIONX. You make xhirtx out of xcrap cloth in your free time and have yet to maxter your native fucking language

[09:41] GT: I can't even talk to you right now, my face hurtx from xcowling

[09:41] AC: lol of course

[09:41] GT: WHAT EVEN

[09:41] -- greatTenochtitlan [GT] gave up trolling aestheticChitin [AC] at 21:41 --

[09:43] AC: ooops quess youur internet dieed

[09:43] AC: lmao byeeeee browndude <><><>